March 2015 Favourites

So , this is going to be my first monthly favourites post!!! I am super excited to do this, I have seen it done but tons of other blogs and youtubers and I am so excited to say I am finally doing it. If you don’t already know this will be my first time doing this, and I will do this once a month, at the end of every month starting now!! Each post, just to explain, will feature a few of my favourite books, products, movies, etc., it could be anything, from that month. I will explain which one of my favourites it is, and in a few words, why it is my favourite. I hope you guys will enjoy!!

Favourite Tv Show: New Girl

II first started watching this show on my pamper day, click on that to see that post, and instantly fell in love with it. It is quirky, super funny, zooey deschanel does such a good job as Jess and I just really love it and highly reccomend it

Favourite Scent: Bath & Body works Cinnamon Frosting Candle

I recently did a post on all my favourite scents from bath and body works and this was one of them. (click here to see that) This is by far, my favourite, FAVOURITE scent. I could sit here smelling it and sniffing it all day it is so wonderful and heavenly.

Favourite Book: Under Different Stars by Amy A Bartol

I mentioned this book in my 5 books that will change your life post, and even though i read it last month, the second book comes out today and I loved it so much that I had to mention it gain in my favourites. You MUST read it if you haven’t already. 

Favourite Quote: It’s a Beautiful Day #27

I love finding nemo and I love Ellen degeneres. This quote is a combination of both and I love the meanign behind it. I think we can all apply it to our individual lives and situations.

Favourite Treat: Mom’s Apple Crumble

I never posted this on the blog, but I had apple crumble a few times this month and every time it never failed to be delicious. I love apple crumble, and anything with apples really, and my mom makes it the best and it’s so yummy. Just add some ice cream and maybe some caramel…. your mouth will be watering!!

And something a little extra…

My least Favourite member of one direction: Zayn Malik

If you are a directioner and know what has been going on with them, you will be able to understand. What a snake. (IM NOT SAYING HE IS HORRIBLE OR TRYING TO PUT HIM DOWN. HE IS JUST A LITTLE BIT OF A SNAKE.)

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed!! If you decide to try, get or watch any of these things lemme know in the comments and tell me what you thought!!! I would love to hear your guys opinions, as well as any questions or comments you may have below in the comments. Thanks again.

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of life.

It’s a Beautiful Day #30


In all seriousness, I love finding these quotes and posting them for you to just see and be inspired by and I cannot believe were already at 30! it seems like it’s gone by so quick!

So without further ado, our 30th inspirational quote about life, is brought to you by Marianne Williamson, 

“Until we have seen someone’s darkness, we don’t really know who they are. Until we have forgiven someone’s darkness, we don’t really know what love is.”

The Aftermath of The Kiss of Deception by Mary E Pearson

Hello everybody!!! Happy Monday πŸ˜„ !!!! So, as promised, today is Monday and I have just finished reading The Kiss of Deception by Mary E Pearson.  It took awhile to get through but I finished and am ready to review!! If you wanna know more about my mid way thoughts on this book, then check out last weeks post about this book here. The Kiss of Deception is the first in a trilogy, i think, called the Remnant Chronicles. The second book does not come out until July. Anyways, to recap, this book is about a princess named Arabella, or Lia, who is arranged to be married to this prince of another kingdom. However, she does NOT want to marry this guy that she has never met or seen and does not love so she runs away. In this town, a assassin and the prince come looking for her. Their names are Kaden and Rafe. However, for the majority of the book, you don’t know which is which!! She slowly grows a relationship with each man and well stuff happens and there may or not be a prophecy of some sort…. and if you wanna no more about this pretty interesting book you will have to read the rest of ny review below!!! 









First of all, with regards to the whole who is who situation, at first I thought Rafe was the prince and Kaden was the assassin. But, the problem was, that the author made them so alike, in their personalities, thoughts and the things they said, that it was SOOO hard to even try to decide at first who I thought who was. They were just too much alike. Although, she did a really good job of not revealing to much when it was in the assassin’s or prince’s POV, making things more mysterious. I litterally when back and forth 90 times, and turns out Rafe WAS the prince and Kaden WAs the assassin. 

The main character. Lia, was pretty awesome. I loved how she wanted to be her own person and find actual love. I was rooting for her and Rafe to happen the whole way through. It was beautiful. I loved them ❀️. I hope they end up together, in the next book. But, Lia also goes through this huge transformation from tthe beginning to end. She almost grows from a teenage girl to a woman who is ready to take over the world. This is partially because of the death of her brother and sister in law. (SO sad😭)  And the whole journey she takes with all the Vendans (the assassin peoples kingdom), when Kaden kidnaps her so he can take her back to Venda to met the Komizar, (the Vendan leader), which is pretty rough.

One thing I really didn’t understand was the whole book thing, and how she translated it and perceived it mean she was the one to fulfill some type of prophecy??? I didn’t really understand all that and it was a huge part of the book that just wasn’t explained well. If anybody out there does understand, and has read this book, please explain it to me in comments if you can. 

Also, Pauline was adorable and her and Lia’s relationship was just so sweet. I really enjoyed that. But like That Mikael guy tho. To quote Talor Swift: “I Knew you were trouble when you walked in.” Ok? Like, he got Pauline to fall in love with him & then got her PREGNANT. With a baby child. But turns out, he is just some player who plays around with every girl who even glances his way. Jerk. Poor Pauline. She deserves better. But I still wonder of it’s all true that he is a player.. I guess we will find out.

 This book was good. It was well written and put together. The story and whole fantasy world Mary E Pearson creates is really intriguing and fun to read. However it was not my favourite book. I’m not saying it was horrible, it was just not my favourite. I would give this book a 3.75999999 stars and a 75.6%.

What did you think??? Have you read this book? What did you think about it? Lemme know in the comments below. As always, feel free to leave me any questions or comments you may have below and I will happily reply to them! I love reading all your comments! Thanks again!!

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of life.


A Little Bit of Life UpdatesΒ 

So.. I wasn’t really sure what to post this week regarding life. But, since I have had a little bit of life for almost a month now, (πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽˆπŸŽŠπŸŽ‰β˜ΊοΈπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜€πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„πŸ˜›πŸ˜Ž) I thought maybe I would do a little bit of life updates, just to keep y’all in the loop and let you know what’s going on with this blog. I’m thinking I might do this a least once a month, Sound good? This may be a little dull but just stick with me!!!

So, if you haven’t noticed, I don’t post everyday. This is mostly because I am quite busy with school and other things at time and I am unablt to post EVERYday. I’ve kinda settled into this comfortable, routine that makes sense, and basically I will be posting Monday to Thrusday, and then on Sunday. From Monday to Thrusday I will post in each category, so random, bible, book, & beauty. Then on Sunday, that is when I don life posts like this one. That way, I will post somehting of each type a week.

Also, even if I don’t post everyday, I will always post a inspiring quote about life that I think is good. Y’all all seem to really like my it’s a beautiful day posts and I will ALWAYS post them, no matter what day of the week. Those quotes are a important, essential part of this blog and it makes me feel good to go out, find a good quote and put on the blog where you guys can be inspired by it.

Another thing, I have also decided to do monthly favourites every month for y’all. For y’all who don’t know what that is, all it is is a list of my favourites from that month. It will contain a mixture of my favourite books, products, verses, quotes, things, the possibilities are endless!! Also, I will explain why I like them. This months favourites will be posted on Tuesday. (Tomorrow is my Kiss of Deception book review day if you read thrusday’s post.)

Finally, I would just like to state that if you guys have anything, and I mean anything, you want me to review, read, talk about etc. on this blog, PLEASE lemme know in the comments. I would LOVE to hear your guys suggestions.


That’s all!! Thanks for reading this post!! It may have been a little dry, but it is still important! Again, if you guys have any suggestions at all, please leave them in the comments, as well as any questions or comments you may have.

p.s Even though things may seem hard, difficult, or even boring, they can still be EXTREMEly important. You just gotta take it one step at a time.

It’s a Beautiful Day #28

Here is a supremely awes-mazing inspiring quote about life & spreading your wings, brought to you by C. Joybell C

I have come to accept the feeling of not knowing where I am going. And I have trained myself to love it. Because it is only when we are suspended in mid-air with no landing in sight, that we force our wings to unravel and alas begin our flight. And as we fly, we still may not know where we are going to. But the miracle is in the unfolding of the wings. You may not know where you’re going, but you know that so long as you spread your wings, the winds will carry you.”

It’s a Beautiful Day #27

Here is an inspiring quote about life brought to you by my absolute favourite childhood Disney/Pixar character Dory from Finding Nemo, (sidenote: I cannot wait for Finding Nemo 2)

“When life gets you down, do you wanna know what you’ve gotta do? Just keep swimming.”