The Not So Sweet Sixteen

So the other day, my friend, whom I love dearly, had her sweet sixteen birthday party.  The theme wsa based off this tv show show we watch and the party was supposed to be at this hall that she had booked for the night, with catered food and everything. I was super excited to go and so were all my friends and it was very highly anticipated. But before I go any further you need to know some background info: A) This friend whose birthday party it was had lived in a different city for awhile before moving back to where we are now, and had invited the friends that she had made in that other city. B) All of the people at the party at the party where from different classes or groups that she had been in or apart of. So, when I arrived with my other friends, the hall was beautiful. There was chandeliers hanging everywhere and stainless steel everything and polished dark hard wood floors and paneling. Very modern. classy, chic, upper class. 

When we got up to the room the party was held in it was nothing like anybody expected. The room was small, with one big long table going down the middle, and a tiny dance floor across from it . And it was awkward. We did not  know, or really hang out any of the people there (especially then ones from the other city.)  and everybody was just sticking to their own little groups and fighting for the birthday girl’s attention. Everybody felt it . It was looming in the air. But for her sake, I put a smile on my face and tried to enjoy myself. This was her moment, her birthday and she deserved to have this night to celebrate and be happy. It got better as the night went on and it ended up not being so bad. The birthday girl looked happy. And I am glad she had a good time even if I felt a little neglected and segregrated. It was about her, not me. 

I hope I don’t sound bratty or selfish, I just kinda wanted to share my experience with you guys, and hopefully y’all can understand what it’s like being in that type of situtation. I think everyone has been in a awkward or uncomfortable situation before. Have you ever been in a awkward or uncomfortable situation? If so, I would love to hear about it in the comments below.

 Hope you enjoyed this little bit of life.


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