The Aftermath of Girl Online By Zoe Sugg

So in case you didn’t know (which you probably didn’t because I have never mentioned it before) I am quite a big reader. And when I say quite, I mean QUITE a big reader. Just yesterday I finished reading my first novel since starting this blog (whoop whopp 😊👏😪) and it just happens to be Girl Online by Zoe Sugg. If you’ve NEVER heard of Zoe Sugg she is better known as Zoella from her AWESOME youtube channel where she does videos on beauty, life and fashion. Girl Online is her first novel. It is about a girl named Penny Porter who happens to live in Brighton, England. (which is ironic because that is where she lives) and she happens to start a blog one day because she wanted a place where she could have a voice, share her thoughts and advice about things and situations in her life and share her photographs with the world as she is a avid photographer. Her mum and dad run a wedding planning buisness and one day her parents get the opportunity to plan a wedding in New York. In New York, she meets a fantabulous boy named Noah and well….. you’ll have to read the rest of my review to know what happens. If you haven’t read it yet, you should! It was pretty good, minus a few little criticisms. 








First off, I would like to say that this novel kinda inspired me to start this very blog. As Penny would post on her blog thoroughout the novel, I would, “think this is cool, I could do this. I would like to do this.” So, as you can I did exactly that.

Zoe’s writing was actually quite good and I was actually quite impressed by it and pleasantly surprised with it’s elegance and descriptiveness. I found myself really getting sucked in to their lives and the whole story and her writing made the emotional connection with Penny so much easier and better. 

Noah was so awesome and so beautiful in my mind. The relationship between Penny and him was super cute and Noah was just so sweet even if it progressed a little bit quickly. ( They did say I love you after knowing each other for like 2 days) But when they watched It’s a Wonderful life together at Christmas when her and her family stayed at his house and he cried because it reminded him of his parents 😭 or even when they first met and he warned her when he was about to make turns and stuff before he did because she told him she was having an anxiety attack 😭. He was just so supportive and kind. But when you find out he lied and didn’t tell that he is basically a famous pop star and possibly had a pop star girlfriend, even though I saw it coming, I was mad thathe didn’t tell her and so sad for Penny because she already had to deal with leaving himin New York when she got back to the UK and then that happened 😭 Really if he had just been HONEST none of this miscommunication (her thinking he had a girlfriend and him thinking Penny was paid to do a story on him and meet him) would not have happened.

Elliot was the bestest friend ever, I have a Elliot and she is best person ever and I love her. But anyways, Penny and his relationship was so great to have in the story. He was funny and sweet and supportive and different and colourful. But again with the miscommunication… If they had just communicated better none of their conflcit would have happened either. 

Finally, we never get to find out if she continues the blog or not in the end 😭 which I was upset about, but I am glad Noah and Penny made up (and out, hehe 😊😳) Also, I love the underlying message about anxiety and panic attacks and how supportive and loving her family was about it. (tell someone of you thinkyou might have anxiety, please) At the end of the day, I would give this book a 90%. 

What about you? Did you read the book? What were your thoughts? Reactions? If you have any other book suggestions for me, please feel to leave them in the comments!

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of life.


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