5 Tv Shows You Should Be Watching If You Aren’t Already

With there being SOOOOO many tv’s out there to watch and SOOOO little time to watch them all, it canto be hard to know which one’s to watch. This is where I come in. On a regular basis, I watch quite a bit of tv shows. Like 12. With some extra fun ones on the side that are just plain entertaining and fun to watch every once and awhile. I am here to guide you, and suggest to you 10 AWESOME tv shows you should be watching if you aren’t alreadt because they are just too fantastic not to be. Let’s get started shall we?

1) The Vampire Diaries

This show is on it’s 6th season but it is worth catching up to. It is based off the books by L.J Smith and it is about a seemingly normal girl named Elena Gilbert, who meets and falls in love with a vampire named Stefan in the town of Mystic Falls, a town teeming with supernatural mysteries and beings. Throughout the different seasons, they deal and battle with several different kinds of supernatural beings and problems that will just suck you in and leave you wanting to more. That and the various good looking male actors that seem to pop up everywhere. (Ian Somerhalder  and Steven R. McQueen, cough cough). This show as changed a lot over the years and I think you will love and appreciate it’s transformation.

2) The Originals:

This show is a spin off of The Vampire Diaries, and I highly recommend watching that before The Originals to better understand the premise of this show. This show is about the original family of vampires, it is set in present day New Orleans, where they once lived (way back in the past) and that they once called their home. Now, they are back and another girl character in the show, Hayley, is pregnant with the original vampire brother (main character, Klaus’s) kid. Which is a rare and odd occurrence. This show is centered around their struggle to protect this baby and Klaus’ need for power and control over the city. This show has it’s own set of mystical characters and problems. WARNING: YOU MAY NEED TO WATCH THROUGH THE FIRST LIKE 9 EPISODES BEFORE IT REALLY GETS INTERESTING. This happened to me and I was super bored until like the 10 episode but just try it and you will see it is worth it. This show is on it’s 2nd season.

3) Jane The Virgin: 

This show is only on it’s first season so it will be very easy to catch up to. It is about a girl named Jane who accidentally one day gets artificially inseminated. But, it turns out the father is a guy that she used to know, and she ends up getting pregnant. The plot revolves around the baby, her relationships with her boyfriend, mum and grandmother and other very dramatic plot twists. I literally love this show, it is funny, cute, sweet, engaging, dramatic, and SO FUN to watch. There is also a narrator that narrates everything that happens and he is HILARIOUSLY AWESOME. And you absolutely have to give this show a shot if you haven’t already.

4) Reign:

This show is only on its 2nd season and it is about the teenage life of Mary Queen Of Scots. The plot revolves around the various ups and downs she encounters as Queen and trying to figure out life at french court. I highly recommend this show. It is so interesting to hear about all the history, and will literally have you on the edge of your seat the entire time and it is just so great you have to watch it. You will be hooked within the first couple of episodes, I guarantee it. Mary is such a  strong willed, passionate, caring, strong, smart, kick butt, female protagonist and all the other characters are just great too so…. go watch it. 

5) The 100

This show is on it’s 2nd season (it actually finishes next week) and every little bit is awesome. It is the futuristic  story of a nuclear war breaking out on Earth over a 100 years ago that killed everybody. But the people who were on satellites at the time of this, all came together to form the ARC. 100 years later, on the ARC, they are running out of air and are unable to support everyone anymore. So, the leaders of the ARC decide to send down the 100 teenage prisoners, who have each broken one of the strict rules of the ARC society, onto the ground to find out if Earth is livable again. This show revolves around the many problems they face on the ground trying to survive and as they discover that they are not completely alone. This show is so exciting with tons of action and drama you will be literally freaking out at every twist and turn (especially during the finales) It is definitely worth the time and energy of catching up and when you have another kick butt, strong, smart, leader female protagonist named Clarke, how could you not watch this incredible show. It is also based off a book series by Kass Morgan.

And there you have it folks! 5 tv shows you should be watching of you are not already! Happy Watching!! If you start watching any of these shows, lemme know what you think in the comments! Any other questions or comments, leave’em in the comments too!!!

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of life.


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