The Aftermath of Day 21 by Kass Morgan

Good evening my friends! I hope your monday was fantabulous 😊 I litterally just finished another book, that I am super excited to share with you guys called Day 21 by Kass morgan. Day 21 is the second book in the Hundred series. If you read my 5 Shows you should be watching if you aren’t already post, you know that the 100 is actually the book series that the 100 tv show is based off of! You can check out that post here. About a year ago after I had started watching the tv show and I found out it was a book series, being the reader that I am 😉, I decided to check it out and absolutely loved the first book 😍. So, I decided to read the second book and it is basically about their continued survival and struggles thety face being on earth. They have discovered that they are not the only ones on Earth and Clarke, the main character, sets out to learn more about these people and find them. Bellamy searches for his lost sister and some crazy stuff goes down on the ARC and well… if you wanna no more you will have to read the rest of my review. If you haven’t read it, it wasn’t my favourite book, but it is still worth the read if you are looking to get into a new series.








Once again I found Kass Morgan’s quite well done. She manages to put quite a image in your head with her level of descriptiveness and in general, the plot was quite intriguing and fun to read. However, I found it a little boring at times and tedious as not much was really going on throughout the story except near the beginning and end where the majority of the action occurs.

Clarks was once again, one of my favourite characters in the book. I love her and her whole personality and how she is a strong, confident, leader while at the same time quite relatable. Bellamy and her’s relationship really escalated in this novel and boy oh boy were they ever sweet and really cute together 😚😪. (Why can’t they get together in the show????? 😔

Bellamy was just so sweet and supportive of Clarke. His whole relationship and determination to fins his sister is so endearing and I loved that whole aspect of the story, (although it got slow at times.) Their reunion at Mount Weather is just beautiful 😭 But when Clarke him got in that fight and he got all mad, I thought it was kinda stupid. I mean he did not even give Clarke a chance o completely explain herself and the complete situation that forced her to kill Lilly. Or why Lilly wanted to die. It wasn’t until later that he even thought that, “huh, that might have actually been hard for Clarke.” (rolls eyes) 

Finally, it was also quite awesome to see how different the people of Mount Weather and the grounders where from the show. They kinda merged together in the book into one peaceful people and I liked seeing it in that perspective. But, still… CLARKE’S PARENTS ARE ALIVE. Which was really shocking to hear from the Earthborn mount weather people. I can’t wait to see how everything enfolds in the next book and I would probably give this one a 70%.

What about you? Have you read the book or seen the show? What were your thoughts? Reactions? If you have any other book suggestions for me , please feel free to leave them in the comments!!

Hoppe you enjoyed this little bit of life.


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