The Recipe for a Pamper Day

Everybody needs a day to themsleves every once an awhile, and the perfect way to do that is with a Pamper Day The definition of a Pamper Day, in my opinion, is a day to indulge yourself in all things good, relaxing and fun. It is a day to put all the stress, worries and hard work behind and just pamper yourself. In this post, I’m going to talk about the best way to go about having a Pamper Day at home, and some suggestions of things you can do on this kind of special day.  

1) First rule of Pamper Days: NO WORK OR STRESS IS ALLOWED 

You are not under any circumstances allowed to do any kind of work or labor or stress about getting said stress or labor done. You are not allowed to worry about none work related things either. You must be COMPLETELY detoxed of stress and work. Just pretend that such things don’t exist for the entire day, from the moment you wake till you got to sleep.

2) Think Ahead, Plan Ahead

Take time to actually plan out a specific date and time you will be having your pamper day. This helps you to get any work you absolutely need done, done before hand and allows you to plan other stressful things around your pamper. Also, take time to plan what you will be doing the entire day. Maybe even make a schedule so that you cannot deviate from the main reason for having pamper days: to pamper yourself, de-stress and just relax.

3) Sleep In

Throw those alarm clocks out the window ladies because they are BANNED on pamper days.  SLEEP IN. For as long as you want. Take your time getting up. Relax in bed for an hour and just play on your phone before you eventually get up. 

4) Soak it in

Take the time for a nice long, hot, shower or bath. Relax all those muscles and take the time to thoroughly wash and rinse your hair. You have the time for it, so why not?

5) Press Play

Missed a few episodes of your favourite show lately? Have a movie you’ve been meaning to watch? Take the time to make yourslef your favourite beverage, get out some of your favourite treats, grab all your favourite blankets and pillows, get comfy and settle in for a marathon of your favorite shows or a movie of your choice. (I started watching New Girl, just as a suggestion.)

6) Salon Time

Haven’t had time to go get your hands or feet done at the salon recently? Well, there is no better time for that than right now. You could go to your favorite nail salon, OR because you have the time, take the time to carefully do your own nails and maybe save some money. And maybe watch some episodes of a tv show while doing it. (Ahem, New Girl)

7) Cooking up a storm

What is your favorite dish or meal? Why not make it on your pamper day? Treat yourself to a nice breakfast, lunch and supper. 

And that’s all folks!! These are just some suggestions of things you can do on your pamper day, but really you can do whatever you want. ( As long as there is no work or stress involved) Make your Pamper day a day of doing your favorite things and enjoying doing them. Indulge in yourself! You are worth it. 

What do you think about the idea of a Pamper Day? Are you going to have a Pamper day? Lemme know if you are, and what some of things you enjoyed doing on your pamper day were in the comments! 

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of life. 


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