One Life 

Happy Sunday Everybody!!!! 😄 I hope you all had a awesome weekend and a even awesomer spring break, if you were on spring break this week like I was. Today, I am coming to you with my weekly sunday life post so I hope you enjoy it! Let’s get started!!

So, I don’t know how many of you watch Grey’s Anatomy, but this weeks episode revolved around a pretty interesting case. It was about this pregnant woman and her husband, whose house got ran into by a man who thought had Alzheimer’s, (later on you find out [spoiler alert] that he didn’t actually have Alzheimer’s, just a build up of a fluid in his spine that was putting pressure on his brain causing him to exert Alzheimer like symptoms.) Anyways, as soon as they got to the hospital, the husband was rushed into surgery because he has serious injuries and some internal bleeding. The woman however, only had a slight injury on her forehead, and seemed perfectly fine. She said she felt fine, they ran tests, and they said she fine. There was nothing wrong with her.

Later in the show, one of the doctors was cleaning her head wound and she was talking to all of them about how she met her husband and the baby. Saying she felt absolutely fine and then mid sentence, she started having a seizure. The doctors could not get the seizure to stop, so they put her under, so that she was unconscious and stopped seizing. But then, she began to flat line. They tried and tried and tried to resuscitate her and she was just not responding and so… she died. 

This woman, was fine and awake and talking and then she just died, only minutes later. She went from seemind and feeling completely fine one second, to being.. gone. All this kinda just hit me and I realized that life is so precious and so delicate. Before you know it, everything can change. In a instant. Without you even seeing it coming. And there is nothing we can do. Because that’s in God’s hands. 

So, wnat can we do? Well, we can enjoy and celebrate this amazing life we’ve been given. We can dance. We can apologize to those we’ve hurt or estranged ourselves from. We can laugh. We can be truthful and honest. We can spend time with those we love. We can tell them we love them. We can talk. Make memories. Make the most of what we have. Be happy. Be kind. Look after oursleves. Go after our dreams. Dare to Dream. Seek God with all we’ve got. 

Even though the future is out of our hands, right here, right now, is in the palm of our hands. We can decide to do all of the things I said above, and live our lives. You can make the decision right now to live and be 😄, regardless of the scary uncertainty of life. Life is always going to be uncertain. But you don’t have to be. I’m not saying you should just say screw it and go hog wild, but just make the most of the life you are making right now. Do all the things I’ve above and more and just be happy. Because this is the only chance, the only life, we’ve all got,

Thanks Everybody, and I hope that made sense! How are going to seize your life in this next week? What will you do? What will you change? If you have an answer to any of these questions, lemme know in the comments! And if you have any other comments or questions for me, always feel free to leave those in the comments as well!! Have a great week, talk to ya next time!

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of life.


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