Cheap Gift Ideas

In this day and age things can be quite expensive. Like really expensive. Like too expensive. Speaking as a young adult who has no income, things can be rough. Especially, when you have birthday after birthday, and one thing after a another that requires you spending money, paying money, to get or do something. But no fear, my friends!!! Because, I am here to give you a couple of cheap gift ideas, for when you need something for a friend, family member etc, and just don’t have the dough. 

Gift Idea #1) Sharpie Mug 

If you google this, you will get tons of hits. ( but thank you for coming to a little bit of life. 😊) Basically, what this is, is a plain white mug that you customize with a sharpie marker, and then place in the oven to bake so that it can be washed and more importantly: permanant. You could write your friends name, draw a picture, write a nice little phrase, maybe draw a mustache, whatever you want so it can fit for any occasion. Im not really going to explain exactly how to do it but I used this video here, and it is pretty good. Also, google always has the answers to everything. *****Warning: if a site says ‘do not use colored sharpie.” For whatever reason, DO NOT USE COLORED SHARPIE. It will change into a weird ugly color after you bake it, so just trust me. 

Gift Idea #2) Warm & Fuzzies Jar

This is just plain, and simple but the person receiving the gift will surely appreciate it’s thoughtfulness and all the work you put into it. All you need to do is: grab a jar, some multi- colored papers and a pen. Then, use the papers to write different encourageing notes, quotes, verses, whatever tickles your fancy that you feel would be something to encourage or brighten the day of the receiver when they read it. Keep doIng this till the jar is filled. Maybe wrap a ribbon around it with a tag explaining that the jar is filled with encouraging notes that will lift his/her spirits when they are down. Voila! C’est tout.

Gift Idea #3) Favourite Things

Finally, this gift is just a collection of bunch of your receivers favourite things! So ask them what those things are: their favourite number, color, subject, candy, chocolate, television show, book, foods etc. Then take a box and some multicolored wrapping paper to wrap each indivdual gift in. (each a different color.) What I like about his is that it works both ways. You can get creative with it so that it is a bunch of small things that still suit their favourites. Par exemple, I made coupons for cravings that she could redeem for her favourite foods when she craved them. Also, i got her three chocolate bunnies because that is her favourite number. But, if you have a little more money in the bank, you can actually go to town and get her/him, for example, their favourite artists album, their favourite movie or book, or things like that.

Well that’s it my friends! I hope this helped you guys in some way to figure out what to get someone for a special occasion or inspired you somehow to come out with another cool idea. I know this was short, but I hope you enjoyed this.

If you use or make and of these ideas, lemme know how it went in the comments! If you have any other cheap gift ideas that you have used in the past, or just thought of, also put thoses in the comments! As always, you can always feel free to leave any other comments, questions or suggestions you have in the comments below.

Hipe you enjoyed this little bit of life.


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