The Best Scents From Bath & Body Works

Hey Everyone!! I am a very very outspoken lover of all things Bath & Body Works and if you have ever in your life been there, (and if you haven’t you really should, cause it is awesome) you probably know what I am talking about. Bath & Body Works is a magical place filled with all kinds of beautiful scents. They come in all shapes, sizes and seasons, ranging from hand soaps to hand sanitizers to perfume/body mists to candles and much more. In this post, I will list of some of my favourite Scents and things from Bath & Body Works, 3 to be exact, from 3 different categories: Candles, Hand Sanitizers and Body Mists. These are probably the best scents I have ever encountered thus far. Enjoy!!

#1) Candle: Cinnamon Frosting  

This candle is the best thing I have ever smelt in my life. When you light it, the smell just fills the room. It is a little bit strong, but not so strong that it overpowers you. More like, it wraps around you like a warm cozy delicious smelling blanket. It smells like some kind of sweet, cinamonny baked treat. I can hardly describe it, all I know is that I could sit here and smell it all day long.

#3) Body Mists: Warm Vanilla Sugar


This mist smells exactly like it sounds: warm, sweet and sugary. It does smell like vanilla, but with a little bit of a brown sugary twist. It is very light and airy smelling but still definitely noticeable and yummy. It is a pretty little scent that you could wear for any occasion that you will remember for a lifetime. It is perfect for that cold weather, (holla to all the canadians who know that struggle right now.)

#3) Hand Sanitizers:  Apricot Mango



  This scent is a little strong just to warn you, especially for a hand sanitizer. But, it is also a very clean, refreshing smell other than the generic fruity tuity smell you would expect. As soon as walk into the store, everytime I always say, “Oh wow, my hands feel really dirty, I MUST wash them.” Then I make a bee line to the sink into the back of the store where you can try their hand soaps, wash my hands, than say, “Oh well, my hands still feel a littl bit icky I think I’ll put some hand santitizer on just in case.” Then head over to that hand sanitizers and use one of their samples. That is how I found this scent. I love it, swear by it, and it is worth it.

Those are all of my favourite scents I have come across at Bath & Body Works since I have been going there. There are tons of scents to choose from and smell so you should definitely go there and check it out yourself!! (Make sure to use the sink.) 

What are your favourite Bath & Body Works scents and items? What would you reccommend??? Feel free to leave those suggestions, and any other qustions and comments you may have below in the comments for m and others to see and read. Thanks a bunch!!

Hope you enjoyed this littl bit of life. 


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