The Aftermath of The Kiss of Deception by Mary E Pearson

Hello everybody!!! Happy Monday 😄 !!!! So, as promised, today is Monday and I have just finished reading The Kiss of Deception by Mary E Pearson.  It took awhile to get through but I finished and am ready to review!! If you wanna know more about my mid way thoughts on this book, then check out last weeks post about this book here. The Kiss of Deception is the first in a trilogy, i think, called the Remnant Chronicles. The second book does not come out until July. Anyways, to recap, this book is about a princess named Arabella, or Lia, who is arranged to be married to this prince of another kingdom. However, she does NOT want to marry this guy that she has never met or seen and does not love so she runs away. In this town, a assassin and the prince come looking for her. Their names are Kaden and Rafe. However, for the majority of the book, you don’t know which is which!! She slowly grows a relationship with each man and well stuff happens and there may or not be a prophecy of some sort…. and if you wanna no more about this pretty interesting book you will have to read the rest of ny review below!!! 









First of all, with regards to the whole who is who situation, at first I thought Rafe was the prince and Kaden was the assassin. But, the problem was, that the author made them so alike, in their personalities, thoughts and the things they said, that it was SOOO hard to even try to decide at first who I thought who was. They were just too much alike. Although, she did a really good job of not revealing to much when it was in the assassin’s or prince’s POV, making things more mysterious. I litterally when back and forth 90 times, and turns out Rafe WAS the prince and Kaden WAs the assassin. 

The main character. Lia, was pretty awesome. I loved how she wanted to be her own person and find actual love. I was rooting for her and Rafe to happen the whole way through. It was beautiful. I loved them ❤️. I hope they end up together, in the next book. But, Lia also goes through this huge transformation from tthe beginning to end. She almost grows from a teenage girl to a woman who is ready to take over the world. This is partially because of the death of her brother and sister in law. (SO sad😭)  And the whole journey she takes with all the Vendans (the assassin peoples kingdom), when Kaden kidnaps her so he can take her back to Venda to met the Komizar, (the Vendan leader), which is pretty rough.

One thing I really didn’t understand was the whole book thing, and how she translated it and perceived it mean she was the one to fulfill some type of prophecy??? I didn’t really understand all that and it was a huge part of the book that just wasn’t explained well. If anybody out there does understand, and has read this book, please explain it to me in comments if you can. 

Also, Pauline was adorable and her and Lia’s relationship was just so sweet. I really enjoyed that. But like That Mikael guy tho. To quote Talor Swift: “I Knew you were trouble when you walked in.” Ok? Like, he got Pauline to fall in love with him & then got her PREGNANT. With a baby child. But turns out, he is just some player who plays around with every girl who even glances his way. Jerk. Poor Pauline. She deserves better. But I still wonder of it’s all true that he is a player.. I guess we will find out.

 This book was good. It was well written and put together. The story and whole fantasy world Mary E Pearson creates is really intriguing and fun to read. However it was not my favourite book. I’m not saying it was horrible, it was just not my favourite. I would give this book a 3.75999999 stars and a 75.6%.

What did you think??? Have you read this book? What did you think about it? Lemme know in the comments below. As always, feel free to leave me any questions or comments you may have below and I will happily reply to them! I love reading all your comments! Thanks again!!

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of life.



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