Come Expectant

Quickly, I would just like to say thank you. Because a little bit of life has reached 20 FOLLOWERS!!!!!! To me, that is amazing and I am so thankful to those awesome 20 people and all my other possible viewers, because it all means so much to me.

So. Come Expectant. What do I mean by this?? Well, coming expectant means to approach things in a open way, expecting great things to happen. This can be hard. We all deal with crap in our lives. We’ve all been hurt in some way. We’ve all felt broken down. Like we are running on empty. Like it just wasn’t worth it anymore. Coming expectant means accepting that life kinda sucks, and opening yourself up to the possibiliy that you might be disappointed and hurt her over again. This act can be even harder than the act of coming expectant. 

To come expectant, you need to be able to let go of the things of the past. A little fact: Jesus died on the cross so that we would not have any sins, and be free of all pain we could deal with in our life time. He already took all that away from you along time ago. The only thing holding you back from opening yourself up to the possibility of pain and coming expectant of greatness is you. Find a way to let it go. I know if you look for that answer in God, in his word, an in worship you can. 

Coming expectant is also believing that great things can and will happen when approaching a certain thing of situation regardless of other negative factors. It is choosing to forget that and believe that God had something greater. Believing and knowing that he is the god that healed the lame, blind, mute, deaf and diseased. And believing and knowing that that same God is here in this crazy world, and has the capability and power to do just as great things when approaching a certain situation.

Anybody and everybody can learn to come expectant of God’s goodness, which is something gar greater than what we can imagine. You must be willing to pray and work at it. You must be willing to put your faith and hope in God first and foremost. But when you imagine that endless possibilities for things when you come expectant that God is going to do something amazing, great or something you’ve almost wanted or needed. You might find it is worth it.

I know this post was short, but i extremely hope that it touches and inspires somebody somewhere, somehow. And i hope it makes sense. If anybody maybe needs or wants prayer, I would be happy to do so. You don’t have to tell me every little detail of your situation and on and on, but if you just said “I would like prayer over this.” Or soemthing like that, it would be enough. I know this is a little random and you don,t have to if you don’t feel comfortable. This just got awkward 😁

Anyways… Thanks again my 20 followers, you mean the world to me. As always, feel free to leave any comments or questions you have below, (or prayer requests) and maybe how you will begin to try to learn to come expectant this week!!

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of life.


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