Quick Curly Hair Tips

So, I know this is late but I am choosing to live by the saying in this moment that it is, “better late than never.” So, I was struggling with what to write about and I know I haven’t done a fashion/beauty post yet so I thought, why don’t I do a post about curly hair? I have had curly hair all my life, I was born with it, and is can be frustarting sometimes. I never know what to do with it and it can be really hard to take care of. But, in this post, I am going to list a few tips, that could apply to other hair types as well, to help my fellow curly haired ladies and fellas deal with frizzy, crazy, curls we call our natural hair!


I know this hard. I struggle with this too. But it is extremely important that you don’t play around with your hair too much when it’s dry and curly. Doing this will only make it frizzier, and by extention – worse than it already is. Pile it up on your head when it’s wet, especially if it’s long, let it dry, preferable overnight, take it out in the morning, and try to stick with one single style or way of placing it for the day or until you have your next shower. it helps I promise.


Do not under any circumstances, brush your curls or comb them, when they are dry. This also it makes it much much worse. While conditioner is sitting in your hair during the shower, comb it. I use a long toothed comb. I swear this works, and I know it has helped me alot, so it is worth trying.


Nobody likes a cold shower, but curly hair does. When rinsing conditioner/shampoo/whatever out of your hair in the shower, rinse it as cold as you can get it. I don’t really know what this does butI find it helps somehow. I know it also works wonders if you have dry or itchy scalp. 

There you have it!! A couple of ways to help combat those dreaded out of control curls. I hope this helps you whether you have curly hair or not and for those of you with curly hair, if you have picked up any good tips and tricks to style or tame those curls, put them down in the comments below!!!

So, what do you think?? Do you have curly hair?? Do you undersatnd the struggle?? Do you have any of your own curly hair tips?? If you use any of these tips, lemme know your thoughts in the comments as well a snay tips you may have and of course any questions or comments are akways welcome. Thanks again!!

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of life.


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