This is A Little Bit of Life

Hey Guys! I hope you all had a awesome long weekend wherever you are & Happy Easter! Hopefully, you got to munch on a bunch of chocolate and other comfort/junk/yummy foods today: I know I did. 

I know this late and to be honest, I was not even going to post something today. Because,

A) i didn’t really know what to post about &

B) I have been feeling quite discouraged

Why you say? Well, I have had A Little Bit of Life, for a little over a month now, it seems like the time has just flown by. In that amount of time, I have had really good days: where I will get lots of views, likes and maybe some comments. Then there are the bad days and the really bad days: where I will get little to any reponse from the people out there in the internet. In those days and those times, I find myself feeling really upset and discouraged because I am not getting all the reponse and recognition out of my posts as I would like. Most of the time I try to remain positive, other times, it can be really hard to see it in a positive light.

I have thought plenty of times about changing the focus of the blog completely to one thing. I have thought about   posting less. And not posting at all. Those are the days where I question all this and whether I should be doing it our not. Having a blog is really hard at times.

But today, I was thinking about it. Really thinking about it. And I thought about how much I love, coming up with and writing this posts everyday. (Which Is quite alot) I thought about the things I have been writing about. I thought about how you guys have responded to those things. At the end of all this thinking I came back to the reason behind A Little Bit of life and why I started it all.

I started this very blog because I wanted a voice: I wanted to be able to talk about things I felt needed to be talked about, share my opinion, speak about anything, and find people who were interested in what I had to say and were perhaps helped or inspired by it. And in the end, that’s all that really matters. 

So, I have a few posts that don’t get a lot of attention (views, likes, etc.), and sure my blog isn’t supremely popular. But I have 21 amazing followers who think my blog is cool enough to follow. And I should be grateful for that, because that is a blessing. And I am grateful. Even though I don’t get lots of “attention”, I enjoy writing them. And that’s all that matters. Maybe I will never really get a bunch of followers and views, but I started this for a reason. And As long as I still enjoy writing these posts, and there are still 21 people out there reading them, who cares?? Why should be really care what other people think? Everyone and everything is different, and you can only be and do you, no one else. True happiness/contentment, comes from within yourself.

It is not about the attention and views, it is about whether or not I am still brought joy from doing this. Helping people, inspiring people, even if no one sees it. You can have all the attention and things you want and be unhappy. I choose to be happy and content now, the way the blog is. I will not change it. And I will never let something as tiny as attention and views, or even just what other people think, get me down.

This is A Little Bit of life, and for anybody out there reading this, thanks for stopping by. Whether you stay or go, Welcome to the blog. 

Thanks for reading guys! Hope this makes sense and maybe resonates with someone is a similar position in life or in blogging. As per usual, feel free to leave you comments, questions or suggestions below. If not, that’s fine too. 😊

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of life.


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