The Aftermath of Unlit Star by Lindy Zart

Hey Everyone!! Happy Monday! Today, I am going to be talking about Unlit Star by Lindy Zart. I actually finished this book last week and have just finished readin another book today, so this might be a little hard to write seeing as I have that other new book still on my brain but I will try to channel my feels for unlit star as best as I can right now. 

This book is about a girl named Delilah who is fresh out of high school and was kinda of unpopular, loner ish, while she was in high school. For the summer, she cleans the home of the rich, popular, total opposote, jock kid, who was in her senior class: Rivers. Rivers has recently been through a boating accident that has left him quite disfigured and damaged. This event has kinda caused him to give up on life. Delilah and Rivers lives collide in the best way when Rivers’ mom, asks her to ‘babysit’ him while her and his dad are away on a trip, and well…. stuff happens. But, to find out about this stuff you must read the rest of my review!!!! If you have not read this novel, i highly recommned it. It has a bit of a The Fault in our Stars vibe to it, so if you read and liked that, you will love this. It was pretty good.

Overall: I give this 4.5 stars out of 5, (because the beginning was a bit slow to start.) and 95% for you guys who would like to know.










I really highly enjoyed this book. It was so great and touching. Delilah I found, was very philosophical and quite a magnificent view on life that wss very interesting to read from. The author gave her quite a few great one liners that were really inspiring. I litterally highlighted half of the book. (*Note: This was an Ebook, not a real book. I would never highlight one of my real books. They mean too much to me.*) When Delilah first got that headache I knew something was up, and when they were hinting at for like a good chunk of the book afterward I was like dang. I guessed it right away. It was cancer. She had a benign tumour that was for some reason rapidly growing and taking over. It was also inoperable because of the placemnet of her tumour. This is where TFIOS comes in. I was so sad though. Especially when her and Rivers started having a thing.

Rivers was lovely. I mean really lovely. At first when he was like sulking about his life, I was right with Delilah and I wanted him to snap out of it too. Delilah and Rivers were so awesome together. They helped each other and loved each other sooooooo much it was too sweet. I loved reading about it. When he found out about her cancer, finally, and he said he cried, I cried. It was beautiful. But he choose to keep loving her for as long as possible anyway and i just loved him and how compassionate and loving towards her he was. Till the end.

At the smack end of the book, when they went on that trip and they were planning their life together. That’s what really got to me. Just the realness of that situation and pretty well the whole book, was just so well put together and put down into words by Lindy Zart. Her writing was simply poetic and the whole story was so wonderfully woven together that I was sad that there was not more to Delilah’s life so I could keep reading.

The epilogue was cute too. I liked that. Epilogues, in my experience can suck, (ex: cough cough, Allegiant) or flow really well with the story and make it more magical to me and this was that. Him going to flight school and thinking of her when he flew and both their mom’s remarrying and finding happiness was just the icing on the cake.

Thanks for reading!! If you read this book, lemme know what you thought in the comments!! If you have any other book you would like me read, review, or suggest feel free to leave those in the comments, as well as any other comments or questions!!

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of life.


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