A Hidden Gem: The Secret Circle

 You may have heard of this show at some point in your life, maybe in watched in when it was on air. If you have, that is so awesome and I’m so happy. If you haven’t, that’s sad but the great thing is you can now buy it or watch it through the internet. And trust me, it is worth your time.

The Secret Circle was a show based off the book by L.J Smith, (the books are really good too) and it is about a girl whose name is Cassie, and one day her mom dies and she moves to a small town to live with her grandmother. There she meets a small group of people who introduce her to a world of magic and danger and good and evil. This show is just so good. There are tons of ups and downs and mysteries and a little bit of romance that is so evident even from the first episode. All the characters and actors are really well good and are and you can yourself really connecting with the different characters and rooting them. 

This show first aired september of 2011 till may of 2012. It was cancelled because of lowering ratings halfway, and expensive productions costs. Having watched the show at that time and having it cancelled just sucked. The show was just sooooo good and the finale ended on such a cliff hanger and i was so upset that I didn’t get to find out what happens.

But that is the risk you take when you decide to watch a show. You never know if you might end up liking it or not, or it might even get cancelled before it gets to far. Shows get cancelled every year, all the time. Nevertheless, we continue to watch them because it is extremely worth it to be and feel apart of something awesome that you love.

I recently started watching it over again and I challenge y’all to just try and watch it along with me. I promise you won’t regret investing your time in this hidden gem. If you like the vampire diaries or the orginals, or anything fantasy, laranirmaly, romancy… this is something that you would like. Soo watch this hidden gem!! And it is only 1 22 episode season so what do you got to lose??


Thanks for reading!!! What did you think? Have you seen this show before??? Are you going to start watching it now??? Feel free to lemme know in the comments!! & don’t be afraid to put any other questions or comments you have about this post or the show down there too!!!

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of life. 


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