Am I Just A Spark?

Hey Guys!! Happy Sunday! Are you ready for the new week? I know this is a little late but hopefully someone will see this and be touched.  

So, just yesterday I was listening to Family by Noah Gunderson. I thought I heard something I little wierd so I checked out the lyrics and read them as I listened to the song. The whole song is about some messed up family who a person is apart of, but not happy to be called part of their family. The whole song goes on like this, until the end, when he sings the chorus one more time, and then finishes the song randomly with this line: “Am I just a spark?”

This question, and why he ended the song like this, stuck me and ran through my head a bunch of times. I even wrote it down on the middle of a page in my notebook, and disected the whole phrase. Wrote all around it what I thought this might all mean. I stared at the lyrics and repeated them in my head. And I thought maybe, maybe i don’t really understand this song at all. But here is what I got out of this phrase.

The definitions of spark are endless. It can be defined as a trace of intense feeling, to emit sparks of fire or electricity, a sense of liveliness and excitement, ignite, The main definition that I felt fit was this: “A small fiery particle thrown off from fire, alight in ashes. This was it.

This is what I think he might have been talking about. You see, he is talking about this crappy family, which a can sort of relate to in a way, that can kinda be represented by the fire I talked about in the definition. Then him, or this person that is part of the family but is struggling, and doesn’t want to be apart of it, is kinda like the small fiery particle thrown from the fire, this family, because he is different, thrown off because he doesn’t want to be apart of the fire anymore. But the spark couldn’t have existed without the fire, and really, a spark is just the tinier beginings of a fire. And him, this person, is alight in ashes, the remnants or the impact being apart of this family has left on him, how it’s made him struggle, feel sad and angry. Is he really asking if that’s all he is? A fiery particle, forever marked by the family with ashes that affected him in so many ways, the fire who has made him who he is. Is he really asking: Am I defined by fire? Our Families? Even though he has been thrown off of it, distanced from them, the fire that made him, is he just a spark? 

I think that, no matter what, we always have a piece of our families with us. They are after all, our ancestors, our blood. Our roots. I think we can never truly leave them behind, and the ways they’ve taught and impacted us, the good and the bad. But your past, your past with them, and their past, doesn’t have to define you now or ever. Unless you let it. There is always a future, and a choice for your future. You can choose to follow the path of you family tree down to it’s roots OR you can choose to go down and follow the path of your own branch; whereevr it may lead too. You can go your own seperate way, remembering and accepting your blood for who and what it is, because that will never change. But you can change your life and your future for the better. 

The easiest way to do this my friends, is through Jesus. It’s the only way I have found that works. By choosing to accept his plan, his will, his presence in your life. Leaving everything else, behind, but not forgetting. Forgiving, and asking for forgiveness for what you have done wrong. Choosing to learn that Jesus died, so we are free from those sins and all of our fears. Choosing to know that love that can heal any illness or emotional/physical pain. 

So I hope all this makes sense somehow, and meant something to someone who may have needed to hear this. I hope y’all have learnt something from reading this. Now go, be free!! 

Thanks for reading! What Did You think? Do you learn something from this life message? Do you have another idea of what that line could have meant? If you have an answer to any of these questions, I would love to hear it in the comments below as well as any other comments or questions you may have about this!! Have a good week!

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of life.


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