Ecosia: A New Way to Google

Hey Guys!! Hope you had a happy Monday and I am here to talk about something special that I litterally just discovered today. I absolutely love it and I cannot wait to explain and introduce it to you so you can know about it and hopefully, start using it too!

This thing is called Ecosia. Yes, it does sound a litterally weird and I am not exactly sure how it is pronouced but, just stick with me and you will see. Ecosia is a search engine, just like google, only better. It is 1 000 000  times better because everytime you search something on Ecosia, a tree is planted somewhere is africa.

Lemme explain a little better: In Burkina Faso, Africa, there is a lack of trees and any vegetation really, due to harsh climates, drought and deforestation. Ecosia has partenered with companies such as WeForest to help plant trees in thes in this area. And it isn’t just planting trees but helping the members of the community who rely on trees and the materials they get from them to survive. Eventually, this reforestation will alow the water cycle to restore allowing more plants and animals to return to the region as well.

Specifically and logistically, it works like this, in simple terms: They have about 2.5 million users, that do about 700, 000 searches a day. They earn 50 cents per search through ads, which eventually allows them to buy 1 tree for 28 cents in african ish currency. This all adds up to about a tree every 11 seconds…….(11 seconds later) there’s another one!!!

As a fellow lover of all things environment and Earth and a person who is very entuisiatic about helping the environment, when I heard about this I rejoiced.  I think this is absolutley awesome and somthing you guys should be using and doing. Is it as good or efficent as google, lets be honest, no, but if you think about the impact you would be having just by using it to search small, simple things I think it would be worth it 

I originally heard about this for a site called, and you can click here to see that and i highly reccomned you checking out the rest of the site because it is awesome.So what are you waiting for?? Go now an start helping to plant some trees!! :


Thanks for reading!! Have you heard of ecosia before? WIll you start using it and help to plant some trees? WHat do you think about this idea? Lemme know your answer to these questions in the comments below as well as any other comments or questions you may have! 

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of life.


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