The Aftermath of Stolen by Lucy Christopher

So, I am here, talking about a book that I read and finished about a week ago now. I kinda got ahead of myself and read two books in a week last week so, yes I haven’t really thought about it in awhile but I will do my best to review it for you now. That book is Stolen by Lucy Christoper. This book was pretty awesomely great. It is about a girl named Gemma who gets kidnapped by a guy named Ty, in a Bangkok airport one day. He then takes her to the austrialian outback – the austrailan desert where he holds her captive in a little compound that he has built. I promise you, this is not a scary novel and nothing EXTREMELY bad is done to her or happens to her, in case you are worried about that, I know I was a little bit. BUt, over the course of the novel her feelings toward him kinda change. The book is written as one big huge letter from her to Ty, so in the 2nd person? Anyways, It was super duper good and I would give it like 5 out of 5 stars guys, it was that good. So go read it and then keep on reading the rest of this review!


SPOILERS BEYOND THIS POINT BEWARE********************************************************







So, the big question with this book, especially as it progressed and she went from totally hating him to kinda loving him was if it was stockholm syndrome or now. Stockholm syndrome is when the captive begins to express empathy, sympathy and positive feelings towards their captor. At first I kinda saw why people who think that. He was pretty kind to her and didn’t hurt her, force her and violate her in anyway and the longer he was like that, the more she kinda accepted him and the whole situation she was in, even though he is a complete psycho that kidnapped her. But by the end, when she was talking about what she was going to say at the court hearing when she when she stood on the stand, I realized that she didn’t have stockholm syndrome or at least I don’t think she did. 

While i am on that topic, I loved the ending it was so sweet and I the whole perspective that she took ont hewhole  situation was like awesome. I loved Gemma as a character and how strong she was. In this super hard situation, where she is finding out that this guy had been stalking her for 6 YEARS and had been planning to kidnap her for 3-4 YEARS, which is pretty scary and creepy, she stayed pretty strong and never gave up hope. 

The whole plot was really well written and put together it worked really well and felt so real while you were reading it. The author’s writing was really intriguing, descriptive and kept you hanging on to every word, wanting to find out what happens next, and routing for Gemma to get home! It was simply amazingly great and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is currently looking for something to read. It is totally worth it.

Thanks for reading! What did you think? Have you ever read this book? What are your thoughts on the book? Do you have any other book suggestions or recommendations? Lemme know your answers to those questions in the comments below as well as any other questions or comments you may have! Thanks again!

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of life.


3 thoughts on “The Aftermath of Stolen by Lucy Christopher

  1. bbooksmartblog says:

    I read this book and absolutely loved it! I actually have a review up on my blog too:) I’m STILL thinking of this book and it’s been like over a week (which isn’t that long I just realized oops). Anyways, great review! I loved reading about what you thought. Gemma was such a strong and amazing character, I loved her so much.


    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you so much!! This book is pretty great and it’s probably one of my new favourites. I also checked out your blog, and loved hearing your opinion about it as well!! We read alot of the same books.


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