Do You Remember?

So, I hope y’all all had a good weekend and today I am going to be doing a life post! I know I haven’t done like a actual serious life post in a while where I actually talk about something that’s happened in my life or some type of lesson I learned but I have had something on my mind the last couple of day’s that I wanted to share with you guys and I hope you enjoy it!!!

If you watch grey’s anatomy, (which you should because it is totally awesome. And for those of you who do, this past week’s episode….😭😧…. I know right!?!?) meredith always does these monologues at the end and beginning of each episode that kind of tie in to the theme/happenings of said episode. I have always kept track of these monologues because they are actually quite good and I like reading them after i’ve watched a episode. I even found and bookmarked this blog that posts all of them from each episode. Click here to see that blog. But anyways, this past week’s kinda stuck with me. This is what it said:   


The one line that stuck with me was: “..Funny, isn’t it? The way memory works. The things you can’t quite remember, and things you never forget.” (That is not the blog i was talked about, just be facebook feed, to be clear) The thing that struck me the most is the truth of it. It will surprise you the things that stick with you, that you remeber with clarity and can’t forget and the things that you can’t remember at all. From that point on, I started to really think about it. Both the things that I remember clearly and the things I forget.

I remember with clarity my 10th birthday for some reason, when I first started praying to God, the day my Grandpa died and when my parents first told me that they were getting a seperation. But, I can hardly remember  7th grade or when I first met my best friend of over 11 years. All these things are important milestones or events in my life, yet I can hardly recall some of the them.

I have never been very good at remembering certain things, if I am honest, I have a really sucky memory 90% of the time. And if you think about even deeper, there are a infinite amount of seconds in a minute, minutes in a hour, hours in a day, days in a week, weeks in a month and times all of that by the several amount of years in your lifetime and that’s a even more infinite number of memories and moments for us to store in our brains.

So, in reality, if you think about it, we can’t possibly remember every detail, and every moment. But, i also think, that in your lifetime, looking back on life you will be surprised at the things you remember and things you don’t. I think the ones that we do remember, are the ones that matter the most, that make us who we are, because if you are remembering that moment out of all the infinte amount of moments and memories in your life, it has to mean something, right??

Meredith also once said: “The carousel never stops turning.” Despite the moments that you remember of your past, there are a infinite amount of ones coming in the future. So cherish the ones you have right now, that made you who you are, and let them carry you on into the ones you have in the future. Enjoy the old moments with the new, where ever life may take you. This world may be crazy and confusing at times. But it is beautiful too. The carousel never stops turning.

I hope you enjoyed that and that it made sense!! What do you remember?? What do you forget?? Do the things that you remember and forget surprise you in anyway?? If so, lemme know in the comments below, as well as any other questions and comments you may have because, I love hearing from you guys. Thank you all for helping me reach 41 followers!!!!!!!! I am so thankful to you all and love you lots!!!

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of life.


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