Currently Cravings

So, recently I have been craving things. Lots of things. Weird things. That’s just the way I am sometimes, for no apparent reason at all. If you have ever been through this before you know how bad it gets right until you actually have it. And when you have it, it tastes the absolute best thing in the entire world. Like you could die right now happy because you have sastified your cravings. Well, I have not sastified my cravings yet, so naturally it’s the only thing on my mind and I thought, hey, why not make a post about it? Cravings are a little bit of life, So hear we go!

#1) Strawberry Ice Cream


This craving is my worst. Looking at pictures of this on the internet didn’t help either. And it’s funny because I have very rarely had strawberry ice cream in the past and now I REALLY want some. Today I also so a reciepe for some homemade strawberry ice cream on my facebook news feed and I am DYING to make it. Click here to get that recipe: it seems pretty easy too.

#2: Salty & Buttery Popcorn


I recently realized that we have popcorn where I am currently so this craving will be sastified very soon. But who does not love a good bowl of popcorn every once in awhile? The salty-ness and the butter, especially the kind you get at a movie theatre is simply delicious. And right now I REALLY want some of that.

#3: Mac & Cheese


Oh goodness, why am I torturing myself? It has been awhile since I have had mac and cheese and I feel quite deprived. But who doesn’t love mac n’ cheese? It’s simple to make, and the creamy, rich, deliciousness of it all….. It is the best thing ever. We sometimes get this special white cheese kind that use penne noodles instead of macaroni noodles (which, now that I think of it, kinda defeats the purpose of mac n’ cheese, but beggers can’t be choosers) that is equally delicious and magnificent, and just might end up being tomorrow’s lunch.

Well, that’s it!! All my current cravings. Maybe I’ll make this more of a regular thing, who knows? Have you ever craved somethimg before? What are some things that you are craving/have craved? Lemme know in the comments below, and as always, any other questions or comments you may have as well. Bye for now!

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of life.


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