Daily Devos: Colossians 1

So, in my daily devotionals recently, I have been reading some Colossians. It is a book in the bible written by my man Paul. I haven’t gotten that far into yet but it is has been pretty good and inspiring. I was trying to think about what to post about today and I came up with the idea of sharing some of my favourite verses from Colossians with you guys!!! Hope you like it!

So, i will just share the verse number, with a little blurb about the verse beside it from my notes that I took while reading it the first time. So crack open those bibles, shake off the dust, and let’s do it!

Colossians Chapter 1:

Verse 5 – confidence and hope comes from what God has reserved from us in heaven.

Verse 6 – Good News is changing lives. (By the way we live and the ways we share it. It can change lives in numerous ways even if it doesn’t seem like it at first.)

Verse 12-14 – Always Thank him. (He does so much for us every single day through his plan and divine spirit even if we don’t see it or realize it. It happened, it’s there and we should thank in for everything regardless)

Verse 15 – “Christ is the visible image, of the invisible God.” I absolutely love this verse, (that is only one amazing part of it) love how it is worded and the meaning behind it. Paul is so great!

Verse 22 – we are holy and blameless as we stand before him without a single fault. (A good reminder that no matter what we do or what we have done, he is there, and he is not giving up on us. He still loves us and wants us to know him so badly.)

Verse 23 – CONTINUE to believe that truth and stand FIRMLY in it. (Relates back to previous verse. Stand firm in the belief that he is higher above all and will love us through everything.)

Verse 27 – he wants everyone to know. (Know what? The good news that we are free in jesus and given complete salvation from our sins! That we are loved by him deeply and truely. Not just me. But EVERYONE. Even you.)

Well, that’s it guys! I know it was kind of short but those were just the verses that stood out to me in this chapter and hopefully some of it meant something to you as well. If you liked this post and would like to see more of that type of thing, (Colossians chapter 2???) Then leave me a comment below, or some suggestions for other books you might want me to check out and talk about on this blog. Lemm know your thought on this book and these verse in the comments below, as well as any questions or comments as well, i am open to discussion!!!!

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of life


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