Making a Stand for Palm Oil

So, it feels like it’s been awhile. It has been awhile hasn’t it? I hope you have had a good week and today I wanted to talk about something important: Palm Oil. Well, and nutella. So here goes nothing!

In case you don’t know, Palm oil is a substance used in the making of many different candies and junk food like things. It’s probably one of the things that make it the way it is: delicious. (Like Nutella).But the way that it is is made is really bad.

To keep this short and sweet, everything I learned about palm oil comes from a documentary called years of living dangerously. One episode is all about actor Harrison Ford’s journey to Indonesia, one of the largest/top producers of palm oil in the entire world. In Sumatra, there is this ‘national park’ called Tesso Nilo. I put quotations marks around ‘national park’ because it really isn’t a national park. More like the production grounds for palm oil. In this ‘park’ they burn down thousands of trees at a time, so that they may plant the palm oil trees where palm oil comes from.  

But it isn’t just a simple as that. You see, in burning these 100’s of year old, carbon dioxide filled trees, they are releasing a HUGE amount of carbon dioxide unto the air, along with a thick layer of stored carbon dioxide in the ground. But let’s not forget the fact that they are burning these trees, which creates even more carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is bad for our environment and our world climate change and global warming.
But that is not all. These forests contain homes. Homes to thousands of species that are killed and destroyed in these fires. How would you like it if your home was burnt down, just to plant palm oil trees, that only last for a few years anyway before being burnt down and replanted again? 
Obviously, this is a HUGE problem in our world that is causing even more problems for us. After watching this first episode of years of living dangerously, naturally, a started looking at all the ingredients in everything I eat. Guess freaking what. Palm oil is the second most used ingredient in NUTELLA. Instantly, I was shocked, mad and extremely upset. My favorite thing to put on toast in the morning and eat in general, had LOADS of palm oil. (And sugar) In fact, I became so affected by thia that I decided to write to the company that Makes nutella and give them a piece of my mind. So, I wrote them a email, and just today I got this back:

This put me on cloud 9 and I was OVERJOYED. I now eat nutella happily knowing that Our environment was not harmed in the making of it. I was so happy to hear a response back from them that was not so generic. So a big thank you to the awesome people at ferrero! Keep doing what you are doing 😉

Thanks for reading! And if you have any other questions or comments, lemme know in the comments below. If you take anything from this, know you can make a difference!

Hope yoy enjoyed this little bit of life.


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