The Aftermath of Sea of Stars by Amy A Bartol

Hey everyone! So i know it seems like forever since I lasted posted something other than a quote, but guys…… I FINISHED A BOOK!!!!! That’s right, there is no more reading slump here!! I wanted to wait to finish this book, so I could post a review for it this week and look where we are now! I am delighted to say that that books is Sea of Stars by Amy A Bartol. This happens to be the second book in the Kricket Series by the same author. I know have mentioned the first book, Under Different Stars, before and this book was just as amazing; I LOVED it!!! This entire series is just Amazing and I have litterally fell into book withdrawal today because of this. I need the third book to come out like, today. Now.  Just to recap: this series is about a girl named Kricket who lives on Earth until one day these men come and take her into a new world called Ethar, (that is super), where she finds out she is not actually human, falls in love with a lovely etharian named Trey, (swoon), and goes through alot of crazy crap. In this book, a huge war breaks out because of her and well if you wanna find out more you gotta read the book, and then the rest of my review.








So it’s been so long since I posted a book review and I am at a loss for words about what to say about this book. Lemme just say the characters are my faves. All the cavars, Jax and Wayra, R.I.P DYLAN, are just wonderful. How they care for and love Kricket is magnificent. They are hilarious and I love them. Like when Trey and her go back to get them on the Ship of Skye when the Alammeeda are attacking and they are all like: Are you ok? And stuff. They are brillant.

The plot I had to say was not always the greatest. The first like, 10ish chapters, where just all one day (or it seemed like all one day) when the Alammeeda attacked and then they were imprisoned and then she got away and then she came back and got taken by Kyon a couple of times then trey found her again and saved her then she was beaten and tortued…. It seemed quite long and back and forthy but nevertheless enteratining and action packed. 

The 2nd Chapter when she talks to the head guy at Skye and she poisons him with the flowers is my favourite. She is so fierce and awesome and that chapter and that it part of the reason I love Kricket so much. She is powerful, strong and smart. The hair thing though scares me. Does this mean she is immortal? Will she not grow old? Die? (Sidenote: even though she still hasn’t told Trey…)

Can we all just agree that Trey, is the best? Their relationship grows quite alot and is so sweet. He is just so supportive and caring of her. I don’t understand why they don’t just get married though so Kyon will stop chasing after her and they can be happy. 

The Ending: of course a cliffhanger. Her father is alive and PURPOSEFULLY left her on earth. She has a sister named Astrid and there is a guy named Giffen that lives and works with her afther who takes in kids like them. And they let her get captured by Kyon. And now she is their spy. God help us all.

Those were my thoughts ladies and gentle folk! Lemme know what your thoughts are on this book: what your favourite moments are, whether you liked it or not, opinions of trey and anything Amy A Bartol related! Feel free to leave some other book suggestions in the comments and any other comments or questions you may have about the book. Thanks alot!

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of life. 


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