The Aftermath of the Winner’s Crime by Marie Rutkowski

So this weekend I got real busy and have been reading lots of books!!! New books!! (finally). To be honest, this past weekend was a quite boring long weekend so since I am now slump free, I picked up a couple books I knew I wanted to read and so her we are!! Although, the Winner’s Crime by Marie Rutkowski was definitely not my favouirte. The Winner’s Crime, is the second book in the winner’s curse series. It is about a girl named Kestrel who lives in a mystical land named… I’m not actually sure what it is called but it is a very highly miltarized country and her father happens to be a very highup general. In the first book, she falls in live with a slave named Arin, who carrys a bit of a secret… Wink wink…. But in this book, they are kinda seperated and she lives in the “capitol”, and is engaged to the prince. Throughout the duration of the book, she gets involved in a investigation and a big capital secret that she ends up unraveling. Anyways, this book was boring and I did not like it. The first book, iremember  being good so this really disappointed me. So much so that I would give it like 2 stars. (Sorry, Marie.)








This review is going to be wuite ahort, considering it was not my favourite book. Thses are just my personal opinions, just because I didn’t like it, does’nt mean you shouldn’t give it a try. Because who knows? You may love it.

I’m going to start off with the ending because I found the ending was quite good. All these things started happening and the pieces all came together in the next thing you know… BAM! Instant cliffhanger. Like how, Arin and Kestrel were FINALLY going to actually COMMUNICATE their feelings to each other in the piano room and then her dad was watching her so she couldn’t. (Palms the face.) and how Herrani water supply had been poisoned and their freedom was fake because the Emperor was just going to kill them through the water supply and take Herran back anyways. Then Kestrel got caught by the emperor and he sent her off to the slave/traitors/prison camp. I was shocked. And the ending was quite good.

Then there was the rest of the book. It short and simple terms it was quite dry. Nothing mich really happened. It was mostly her just trying to figure out the whole thing going on with the enginner and the docter and it wasn’t that intriguing. And both her and arin were so frustrating throughtout this. Like they just did not know how to communicate at all. I just wanted them to be together, if not somewhat happily. 

That’s all!!! Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this review! Lemme know what your thoughts were on this book and whether you liked it or not if you have read it! I would love to hear your opinions.  As always, feel free to leave any book suggestions you may have, as well as any other questions or comments. Thanks again!!

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of life.


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