There’s an App For That

Hey Everyone! I am sorry that this week has been so messed up and and my posts very spread out but I have been quite busy and have not had a lot of time to blog. But! Today I wanted to talk about some of the best, and my favourite, apps that I use. I have had, and used an Ipad for awhile now and in that time I have found a bunch of pretty great apps, that I am super excited to share with you now. Let’s do it!!

App #1: iTv Shows


This app is my lifesaver. I watch ALOT of shows, and this app helos me to keep track of them all, gives me a description of each episode, reminds me 15 mins before episodes start, and keeps track of the episodes I have to catch up on. Yes, it really does all that. And yes, it is completely awesome. I don’t think it is free in the app store but it is 100% worth it.

App #2: Spotify Music

I swear by this app. I am a huge music lover and this app is the Free music, no limits, great quality. I always say it is like the apple music and itunes store combined to one. It’s awesome. Yes, there are ads, and no, it doesn’t work offline. (That all comes with a paid premium.) But, I still highly recommend it. And the app is free so…..

App #3: Duolingo


If you want to learn a new language, do with this app. It legitimately takes you through all aspects of the language you are learning: spelling it,  speaking it and learning the meaning of words, just by doing a lesson a day. (Depending on your settings) You can learn all kinds of languages and it’s free!!!! I have been learning spanish for a bit now, and I can vouch for it. It is great.

And for my female viewers…..

App #4: Clue


This app is perfect to keep track of that special thing that comes around once a month…..all the ladies out there you know what I am talking about. It is highly detailed and all you have to do is fill out a bit of information everyday and it will keep a history of all your cycles, which allow them to predict when you will get your period, when you’ll PMS…. And also, you can look back on the info you filled out each day at past cycles to see how you may be like on certain days in the future. All you have to do is fill out things like mood, tags , pain.. Things like that. It is really great and helps keep you organized.

Well that’s all folks, hope you enjoyed it. Lemme know if you try these apps and what you think of them in the comments below, as well as any of your favourite apps you have discovered that are simply awesome. As always feel free to leave any questions or comments below too! Thanks again!

Hope you enjoy this little bit of life.


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