Daily Devos: 1 Peter 3

So, I promised you guys I would post things this weekend, so even though it’s a little late, I thought why not do a Daily Devos post!!! Recently, I started reading 1 Peter and have been really enjoying it. I just finished Chapter 3, so I am skipping ahead a bit, but hopefully y’all can all read and follow along with me! (As a sidenote, I think that reading a bible, is so rewarding and such a great thing to do. And I highly encourage you guys to just try it out and read a chapter. It is so worth it.) Let’s get started!

1 Peter Chapter 3:

Verse 34: Don’t worry about beauty; that comes from the inside and what is in there is created by God. That’s how we should live as christians. (Love this verse… Beauty comes from the inside; all that heart and soul that is given and planted by god. Those are things that need to shared and shown in everyday life. Don’t worry so much about how you look physically, as much as how you project all the beauty INSIDE you.)

Verse 8-9: How we should act toward other christians as well as those who aren’t christians yet. Pay in blessings. (This is important because in some cases, we could be the only god that someone sees in their life. So it is really important to act a certain way so that others can see and experience the special love that comes from Jesus.)

Verse 11: “Search for peace and work to maintain it.” (I like this verse. It is basically saying find the good in life, or peaceful places everyday, and work hard so that it can say that way. We need more of this in our world.)

Verse 15: If someone asks you about God, always be ready to explain it. (Again, important. You never know when a conversation about God could pop up and you should be ready to explain and share the a good news, when possible.)

Verse 17: Better to suffer for doing something good; than to suffer for doing something wrong. (I love this verse and it’s meaning. I also, completely agree. Makes alot of sense to me.)

Verse 21: Water for baptism – what it represents. (Getting baptized is a huge step, commitment and moment. It is important to know what it all means and symbolizes before you do it because it means alot. But it is totally worth it.)

Thanks for reading! Hope you all had great days and maybe were able to read this chapter. If you read it, what were your thoughts on it? Verse you liked? And What are some other chapters or books of the bible that you enjoy? Lemme know all this in the comments below as well as any questions or comments you may have! Just cause, I love hearing from you guys!

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of Life.


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