From the Inside Out: Holding A Human Heart ❤️

Hey Everyone! I’m back! With a sunday post! (As promised) And I really wanted to do a quick little life post because I was looking back at all my posts on the site and I realized that I have not posted a life post in awhile. This has been mostly because I have been quite busy and my life isn’t THAT exciting. But last weekend, or last monday, I went somewhere cool and did something sorta interesting so I thought, Hey, why not post about it? So, that is what I am going to do! 

So last weekend, was a long weekend. Monday was Victoria Day and I was at my dad’s for the weekend. SO, on monday a bunch of the fam from my dad’s side got together and we went to the Museum of Nature. For y’all that don’t know, it is a musuem. That has exhibits on/about nature. In downtown Ottawa. (#TheCapitalOfCanada) Anyways, and recently a new temporary exhibits opened up called Animals: Inside Out by Body Works. And that’s what we went to see.

The whole exhibit was basically showcasing different types of living creatures, (including humans). There was displays showing the organs and internal systems of certain species. AND there was a whole bucket load of actually real, live, plasiticized animals. That they cut so that you can see different cross sections of it, and therefore what it looks on the inside. (This isn’t as bad as it sounds, trust me. Whatever you are probably picturing right now, it’s not that.) 

To define plasiticization for you quick is is basically when they go throguh this long process of hardening the tissues of the animals so that they are preserved. Through several displays, you could see cross sections of the muscles underneath the skin of several animals, including bulls, horses, goats, and of course, humans. There was also cross sections of the nervous systems and bed of capillaries under the skin of animals too. (Below is a picture of the bull I got off the internet.)

Lemme just tell you guys: It was super cool. Just being able to see up close all this stuff, and what these animals look like on the inside. (real nerves, hearts, muscles and organs.) Was SO COOL. It is probably up there on my list of coolest things I have ever done. If you are interested in animals, the environnement and biology like I am, I highly encourage you to go. Like seriously. It’s worth.

This may seem weird, but whenever I go to any Museum exhibit, I always want to touch things and feel things. This was no exception. I wanted to touch things, SO BAD. But I couldn’t. (Sigh. I hope you guys don’t think I am weird.) That is, until I turned the corner and saw this man, who worked for the museum, going around and letting people hold, and touch, a real, plasticized, HUMAN HEART!!! 

When I saw this guy y’all don’t even know, like I got so excited and wanted to touch the heart. NEEDED to touch it. And guys, lemme tell you, it was so awesome. Like, getting to hold a human heart in your hands, is like something that never happens unless you are Cristina Yang, and are a heart surgeon, ok? And I got to hold one, and it was so amazing. Just to be able to hold it, feel it, and see it up close, was one of the coolest things I have done. Unfotunately, I didn’t bring a camera, (stupid) so I couldn’t take pictures, but I will litterally remember this FOREVER.

This is a link to my local newspaper that includes some more pictures and a video showing some of the different things in the exhibit: click here to see that.

So, that’s all folks! Hope you enjoyed this and lemme know in the comments below, if you will be seeing this exhibit now that you are aware or if have already visited it. Either way lemme know what you thought about the exhibit in the comments below, as well as any questions or comments you may have. Thanks for reading!

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of life.


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