The Aftermath of Until the Beginning by Amy Plum

Hey Folks! I finished reading another book! Hooray!! I just finished this yesterday so this is hot off the locker; fresh in my mind so I am ready to do this!! Let’s go!

So, this book is the sequel to After the End by Amy Plum. This book is a duology and Unitl the beginning is the second book. From when I first encountered this book, I thought it was interesting and after reading the first book, I was in love. This series if about a girl named Juneau who lives in northern ish Alaska with her clan. Her whole clan believes this thing called the Yara or Gaia. This is, to them, the life force that flows through all of nature, connecting us all together. Through their different abilities they are able to tap into the Yara  and doall types of cool things. Juneau is under the impression that her clan is the last bunch of people on earth after like, world war 3. But one day her whole clan disappears and she is forced to leave her home and venture out into the world where she realises the world didn’t actually end, and the rest of civilisation still exists. Trust me guys there is so much more… Like a love interest named Miles… That you should definitely read about in these books. I highly recommend them. The second book is great. It delves into some more answers for Juneau and dĂ©veloppements in her relationship with Miles… So Just read it. 







So to start off, lemme just say, I LOVE Miles and Juneau. I would ship that all the way to Alaska. I am so glad that they ended up together and that even though Juneau doubted their relationship… which was kinda annoying…. Miles came after her and helped her save her people from Avery the crazy man. 

And Miles really grew alot throughout this novel as a character and I really enjoyed reading about his developpement. At the start iof the novel, he was still that same ol’ city boy, then right away when he got shot by that guard guy with Whit and Juneau gave him the Rite. He began to transform. He really grew up and matured. He could relate to Juneau alot more and became like REALLY wise. Being connested to the Yara changed him for the better I think. As he came to accept the fact that he would live forever and that he had all these abilities he became  a whole new character that I really enjoyed.

One person I didn’t like was Whit. He sold the whole clan out even Juneau, just so he could get put on a pedestal for his discovery of Amrit. What a snake. And like I KNEW, that juneau would be the key to the drug working. LIke when Tallie sent her that story with the dragon and how his blood was powerful or something like that I was like: ITS HER. SHE IS IT. 

Overall, I thought this book was really well written and executed by Amy Plum. She had a really great way of plotting the enture story line and connesting everything together and evolving all the characters that was awesome to read. And of course, the concept was awesome and super interesting as well. So, everything together mad it great. My overall rating would be 89% or 4 stars.

Thanks for reading! Have you read this book before? What were your thoughts? Lemme know in the comments below the answers to those questions and whetehr or not you would like to read this book now that you have seen me talk about it. As well, feel free to leave any additional comments or questions you may have about this in the comments below! Thanks again!

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of life.


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