Daily Devos: 2 Peter 1

So I finished 1 Peter, (as you can probably see), and It was super great and lovely. Really encouraging and I found reminding us to just keep on persevering no matter what trails and unfairness we may face. That is what the bible is great for. Especially last night when I first read 2 Peter, I was feeling really beaten down but reading that I felt strengthened again by the awesomeness of the verses in this chapter and God’s presence that was just THERE. So in this Daily Devos I am going to share some of those awesome verses and just speak on them, abit. Okay? Okay. So crack open those bibles and let’s go!

1 Peter

Chapter 1:

3 – we have everything we need to live a godly life by God and knowing him. (God NEVER gives us more than we can handle. He knows us inside and out; everything single last hair on our head and has given us everything we need to get through life every day and defeat the darkness.)

4 – has given us promises that allow us to share His nature and escape the world’s corruption, (Because of his glory and excellence, we have these amazing promises given to us by God that we know above all us and craziness and uncertainty of this world we can trust and believe in. This world may be completely corrupt and seemlingly crumbling around us, but his promises stand strong.

5-8 – listen to god’s promises cause they give us strength when we are uncertain

Supplement, (a component that improves capability), your faith with:

  1. Moral Excellence
  2. Knowledge (the word)
  3. Self-Control 
  4. Patient Endurance 
  5. Godliness
  6. Brotherly Affection (fam love)
  7. Love for everyone

**the ore you execute these things the more the faith will grow and become stronger in you and make your knowledge of Jesus more useful. (Personally, I plan on perfecting all theses things in my daily life to better my faith)

10 – work hard to prove that you are among God’s chosen people by these things. (Can’t just be with Jesus and stay the same. Must show it in the way we speak, act, live and love)

16-21 – these aren’t just fairytales, (stories in the word; the word itself), these are things to.d by fellow followers of Christ who actually witnessed and experienced these things. We should gain confidence from them because they are like a lamp shing in the dark until jesus touches our hearts. (Especially non-believers) all these things are words brought forth not just by ordinary people but by ordinary people like us MOVED by the spirit, speaking from God.

Thanks my friends! Hope I didn’t bore you too much…. But instead encouraged you or touched you a bit just like I was the other day. Did you read this Chapter? What were your thoughts? Questions? Comments? Lemm k ow all those things in the comments below! Thanks again!

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of life.


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