My Fave Uplifting Tunes

Hey Guys! How has your week been? Your summer? Well, it’s about to get alot better because I have a lovely post for you guys! Sometimes when I am feeling down, or something is bugging me, I’ll pray to the good lord (for He IS good), and I will also listen to some uplifting christian tunes that are just so awesome in those times. We all have them, but these songs make it somewhat better. So, I thought I would share some of my fave uplifiting tunes to help you get through those ups and downs in life. Here we go!

#1: Sinking Deep by Hillsong Young & Free

This song is just great because it has a nice piano-y tune behind it and it is slower but still deep and so nice to listen to. I also just love the subject of the song and what the lyrics talk about. They talk about being found in Jesus and all the love, peace and fear that is removed when that happens through him. SO GREAT!

#2: Anchor by Hillsong Worship 

This song is awesome because it talks about hope and the hope that is found and created through, you guessed it, Jesus! It takes about how it is unshakeable and unchanging and is SUPER uplifting. I highly recommend it.

#3: Touch The Sky by Hillsong United

(Yes there are alot of ‘hillsong’ bands.) But This song talks again, about God’s love, and how sometimes we fall down but God is always there and how his love makes us get back up again and how through him we touch the sky. This song is worth a listen.

#4: No Longer Slaves by Johnathan David & Melissa Helser with Bethel Music

This song just talks about being set free, having no more fears, and all because of God and through God. It talks about SO many great things that will just uplift you and comfort you. Not to mention that Jonathan David is a lovely, powerful singer. This song is definitely worth your time.

#5: Great are you Lord by All Sons and Daughters

This song is just all about how great god is and all the great things he does in the world and in our lives. And all Sons and Daughters are also a very lovely group to listen to with great voices and together all these things make a WONDERFUL uplifting song that you want to listen to. 

That’s it everybody!! I hope you enjoyed this and lemme know what you think of these songs if you already have heard them or try them after reading this! Also, what are some other uplifting songs that you guys like to listen to? Lemme know all that in the comments below and any other questions or comments you may have. Thanks again!

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of life.

Summer Morning Routine 2015

Hey everyone! Hope your week has been good so far! So since it is now summer, (whoop whoop), i thought it would be cool to do a quick post about my summer routine! I don’t do anything too extravagant but I thought it would be fun to share with you guys anyways! Lets do it!


First, I usually sleep in quite a bit to somewhere between 9-10 AM, and when I wake up, I usually stay in bed with my ipad for awhile and I just chill and read and play games, listen to music etc. I’ll do this for like 30 mins to an hour before I finally get up, make my bed and head downstairs!

From there I will make breakfeast! And usually for breakfeast depending on what I feel like i’ll have toast with nutella, oatmeal or cereal just cause they are quick and simple. But sometimes I will make myself some bacon (yummmm), hashbrowns and maybe some french toast. Recently I learned how to make French Toast in a mug and that stuff is delicious so I would definitely try it.

Then after I eat and put my dishes away ; cleaning up, I’ll start getting ready! So first I will take a couple of multivitamins, then i’ll brush my teeth really well and just rinse my face with warm water. After I do all of that I will pick out something to wear and because it’s summer and I’m usually not that busy I’ll just throw something casual/comfy on and find something to do with my mess of hair. I’ll put some moisturizer and lip balm on and I am ready for the day!!

My days usually consist of doing some little chores, taking a walk, reading and relaxing alot. It seems weird just doing little to nothing everyday after working so hard for so long at school! I feel like it is just a long weekend and monday I’ll be back in school.

And that is my summer morning routine! Thanks for reading! Lemme know what some of the things are that you do in the summer mornings in the comments below! Should I do a nightime routine? Got any other comments or questions? Put it all in the comments below! Thanks again!

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of life!


Hey everyone and welcome back to the blog my little lifers, (comment below if you like that name or have a better suggestion. I kinda like it). This is going to be my first actual post in a little while and I am so excited to be back. Things have been really busy with exams and I have been quite lazy but I am back now with this tag! IF you haven’t heard of the R.I.P it of Ship it tag, it’s basically a book tag where you take male and female characters from a bunch of different book, an pick one girl and one guy at a time to be a potential couple. At that point you choose whether you would R.I.P it, (so you think it is a horrible idea), or Ship it, (you think they;d be a great couple! I have a bunch of names here and I am so excited to pick them so let’s get started!!!


When I picked this I just died. Usually, if I got a couple that was already a couple in real book life I would just pick another but I am NOT changing this because #Delena all the freaking way, they are meant to be together so I SHIP IT. I even said before I started that if I got both of them together on one of the tried I would just die….. but it is cause they are meant to be and always find their way back to each other. I am SO happy with that one. This is going well so far.


Pick #2: …. Kate (Revenants Trilogy: click to see review.) and Stefan Salvatore (TVD)

 I don’t know about this one. It seems weird. Stefan is so innocent and Kate grows so much that I feel like they wouldn’t work. But they are both immortal now so they would be able to be together for awhile. They are both kind, decent people… I don’t know I think I SHIP IT.


Pick #3:…Anna Whit (Sweet Trilogy) and Trey Allaris (Kricket Trilogy, click to see more)

I already know that I R.I.P it. They come from different planets, different races, she’s a part demon and he’s a etharian… I just don’t see that happening. R.I.P it.


Pick #4: …  Layla (The Dark Elements, click for review/ more info) and Finch (All the bright places.)

Uh no. I just can’t see this one. I can’t see them with each other only with the poeple they are supposed to be with their books so no. They are just too different. I R.I.P it.


 Pick #5:…. Bonnie Bennett (TVD) and Miles (After The end, Click for more info) 

These two are also very different but they have a lot of potential. They both of magical powers. both do alot to help others and sacrifice themsleves for others… I can see them together so I would definitely SHIP this one. It could actually work.


Pick #6: ….  June (The Legend trilogy) and Peeta Mellark (The Hunger Games)

This one is a little too weird for my tastes. Peeta is almost to innocent for June. Like June is really tough and can kick some butt and is strong where Peeta is really kind of helpless and sort of weak. I definitely R.I.P it.


Pick #7: … Cassie (The 5th Wave) and Roth (The Dark Elements)

I saw this one and went NO. I just can’t see them togetehr and I don’t think they would get along. Plus Roth is meant to be with Layla  from #4 so…. I R.I.P it. 

Pick #8: …..  Eleanor (Eleanor & Park) and Will Herondale (The Infernal devices) 

I think there is a very big age and time gap between the two and they are just so different and from complete;y different worlds. This just can’t work and I don’t like it so I R.I.P it.

And that is all for today folks! I hope you enjoyed this post and this tag! Lemme know what you think about these ships below and maybe some oof your favourite potential ships or in the comments below! I would love to hear them! Thanks for reading!!!

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of life.