The Aftermath of The Revenants Trilogy by Amy Plum

Hey Guys! So last weekend, I was at my dad’s, and I was quite bored and otherwise unoccupied so I did what any rational teen my age would do: read. Alot. And what did I read you may ask? I read the entire Revenants trilogy by Amy Plum. I recently read her finished her other book, from her other series called, Until the beginning, (click here to see that review). And that series was pretty good so I though why not read this older series by her. This was one of my better decisions I have made in my life because I LOVED this series. For many reasons. The 3 books are called, in this order, Die for me, Until I die and If I should die. There is also a novella in between books 2 and 3 called Die for her. That i thought was meaningful until I read the thrid book and was like, yeah no. 

The whole series is basically about this girl named Kate who orginally lived in New York with her french blooded fam jam until one day both her parents die and she is forced to move to Paris and live with her grandparents. She spends alot of time just grieving until she meets a BEAUTIFUL boy named Vincent, (how french), who is quite a mystery until she finds out he is a revenant, an undead vampire like being, that feels compelled to save people from death. (Instead of drinking blood) And from there lots of crazy crap goes down…. But you’ll have to read the rest of my review to know what that is.







Die for me: Right off the bat, lemme just say, Vincent was my life. So sweet, generous, kind, gorgeous (in my head). And him and Kate together …. it was love at first sight. When they were kind of on and off at first, I could understand Kate’s reservations. She did not want to see Vincent die over and over again, which I get. And at first he was quite sketchy in ways that would make any girl want to run away. But when she finds out about he whole revenant thing, it makes sense, and Kate takes it surprisingly well. Like she freaks out when she first sees Vincents cold dead body but aftewards when they were explaining everything to her she was pretty calm. Ambrose was my fave. His little one liners and personality in these books made me love him alot. The whole conflict in the book felt pretty minor and weak in a way…. like nothing in relation to the conflict happened until like the last 5 ish chapters of the book. 

Until I die: The second book was the same in the context that the conflict felt pretty nonexistent until the end of the book when Vincent dies and is taken by Violet. Where she then burns his body leaving us thinking he was pretty much dead until he speaks to Kate one last time. Which was sweet. I did not excpect Violet to be the one leading the Numa AT ALL. I thought it was Arthur or someone else. She was crazy. But it was a good cliffhanger ending. There was also a lot of character development and good writing on Amy plums part that pulled the whole thing together. Both Vincent and Kate developped alot in this book.

If I should die: Conflict was a lot more prominent in this book and I found that Amy Plum’s writing style and awesome Revenant world creation really grew up and came together for a epic finale. Vincent comes back. HOORAY!!!!! When they finally figured put that they could use that piece of his hair that Kate had as a bit and his remains for the ceremony or whatever to bring him back, I was cheering them on the entire way. And I knew KAte was the Champion. Of course she was. And as a Revenant, even though she never wanted that, she kicked major butt. It was awesome to read about that transformation. R.I.P JEAN BAPTISTE AND GENEVIEVE. That was sad. VIOLET IS DEAD THOUGH. YIPPEE.

That’s all folks! Let me know in the comments whether or not you have read these books or whether or not you plan on reading them, and if you have read them, I would love to hear your thoughts on the book and the characters too.. As well as any other questions, comments or (possible book reccomendations) you may have about the series. Thanks for reading!

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of life


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