The Aftermath of White Hot Kiss by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Hey Everybody!!! So, as you can see… I read another book!!! This series, The Dark Elements, was one I had heard of before and considered reading after I read the Obsidian series by the same author, but I did not read it because I, like a crazy honey badger, thought it wouldn’t be too good. But oh man, was it ever. I loved it. It was entertaining, fun and easy to read, had great characters and a great romance, and a different concept that all togetehr created this lovely story. Way to go Jennifer!!!! 

White Hot Kiss, is the first book, and it is about a girl named Layla is half demon and half gargoyle. (Gargoyles are stone creatures with wings that are good* and hunt and kill demons.) And when Layla kisses people, because of her half demon side, she kind of consumes their souls, killing them. Which sucks. She was raised with the Wardens (which is the name for the gargoyles) all her life but has never quite fit in. She is also in love with the brother figure she grew up with, Zayne. Until one day she meets, Roth. (swoons) A BEAUTIFUL full demon who tries to protect her and teach her about who she really is while dealing with some other crazy crap that goes down. But if you wanna know more… well you know what you gotta do. 😉








So… the first thing I HAVE to address is Roth. Because I love that man. So much. And he better come back up from the fiery pits of hell in this next book just so he can be happy together with Layla because, honey, that needs to happen. I think there is supposed to be a love triangle here…  but it is really not noticeable in this book. There is some foreshadow that Zayne may or may not have returned feelings for Layla but he never really shows any affection for her THAT way. Ever. He might as well be her brother. There is no competition. Roth and Layla are the only together couple happening here. End of story.

I did like Zayne though. He was sweet. Just not as her love interest. 

In other words that Petr guy, was nasty. When he was going to do bad things to her I was like you suck. And when Layla came right back at him and sucked up his soul: killing him. I was like you go girl!! (This is why I love Jennifer Armentrout’s stories/writing: it is soooo fun to read) Anyways, and then when you later find out that Petr was her half brother and Elijah was her father I was like, DANG. Then when Abbott explained it all, I was like you stupid. You are going out punishing your daughter, trying to get her KILLED, (by her own brother not to mention), because of YOUR dumb mistake??? I am sorry but, honey, YOU made the decision to sleep with a demon. Layla was not around for that one. 

Layla herself was a really great well written character. I throughly enjoyed her and her relationships with the others. (Especially Roth. I loved those moments) She was really well developed over the course of the book going from innocence to experience. And when she finally shifted for the first time at the end of the book, I felt that was a really defining her transformation from old Layla to a new Layla that I am excited to read about in the next book.

I would give this 4.7 stars and 95%.

That’s it guys!! I hope you enjoyed this review and this book as well if you read it. Lemme know in the comments below what your thoughts on this book were and whether or not you plan on reading it after this review! As always leave your questions, comments and suggestions in the comments below and I will talk to you tommorow ! Thanks for reading!

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of life.


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