Earthly Truths

Hey y’all! So, I noticed the other day that I have not done a daily devos post in a while, although I have been reading alot of great stuff, so I thought I would share to you some of the awesome verses I found in Galatians the other day, that taught me/reminding of some truths about life and that I found really inspirational. But, I want to go in too a little bit more detail about the verses because they are so great. If you have a bible/bible app, and would like to read these verses for yourself, although you don’t have to to follow this post, open it now and without further ado… Let’s get started!

Galatians, Chapter 2:

8- The same God that worked through Paul and Peter works in us now! Are you getting this? The same God of the bible who healed the blind, sick, lame, mute ( I could go on), is the same God that exists now!!! You can say: None of that stuff happens anymore, it’s impossible, if he can do that why hasn’t he? But this is only because we lack faith!!!! Without faith, we live in a world of things that fail and give up and eventually die. But with faith anything is possible! God does awesome things everyday, even if they are only small things to us.

16- The only way to make things right is in the lord not law. Again, law is something man made, created by us, that does fail. And hoe can you truly make things right in good in your life with something that is constantly failing and falling apart? That’s why we have Jesus, even as we change and times change: he stays the same!

19- This verse is about things that I have already addressed; it’s just more direct about it. The things of Earth will only fail and condemn you. So why do we constantly compare oursleves to them, try to be like the, and measure up to the things we put on a pedestal in our lives? By dying to these things completely, you will stop caring about them and doing all that stuff and be able to live the free life given to you through God alone.

20- When we accept Christ in our hearts and make the mazing decision to live for him, he lives in us. Once this happens, we really have no control. We accept the plan that he has for our lives and choose to give him control over how we live it. This doesn’t mean we are completely giving up who we are just that we giving our lives for the sake of something greater.

Thanks for reading Guys! I hope this stuff makes some sense to you and that you can relate to it/be inspired by it somehow, if you have any questions or comments about his leave it inthe comments below and I would be more than happy to reply to them! Thanks again!

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of life.


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