The Aftermath of Stone Cold Touch by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Hey Everyone!! How’s it going? So, I read the 2nd book in the Dark Elements Trilogy by Jennifer L. Armentrout, and lemme just say I am in love!! In case you have not heard of this series before and you are curious you can check out my post about the first book that I posted just last week, here. Anyways, so the main things you need to know about this book are #TeamRoth all the freaking way and the last book comes out on July 28th because that cliff hanger ending tho…. This book is basically just more craziness and love triangly-ness and you should definitely check it out, before reading the rest of this post!!










So, we must address the sudden love triangle. And I say sudden because in the first book there was just Layla and Roth. No Zayne at all. Now there is like Zayne and her and Roth and it is so annoying. Because she has to be with Roth. I don’t like how all the sudden Zayne seems to have feelings for her, that he shows, besides the brotherly aspect. She must be Roth. If not……..

Oh yeah and Roth comes back from the pits of hell. WHOOP WHOOP!!!!! I am SO happy cause Roth is the best. I knew at the beginnning when he came back and was acting so mean and indifferent towards Layla that something was up. Because they had a love connection. They had a SERIOUS relationship in the first book. Yes, it was because if she turned out to be the LiIlin he would have to kill her for the devil but still. And when he said he loved her when she was on her deathbed because the Warden’s had tried to kill her after she tasted Zayne’s soul I was the happiest person. #TeamRoth all the freaking way.

And then there is that whole reveal at the end where Sam turns out to be the Lillin… I kinda so that coming. Because like when he started changed his attitude, appearance and personality that just seemed kinda off and there didn’t seem to be any logical reason to how Layla would be doing it. (Killing those people or whatever). 

In more serious terms, again I found Jennifer L. Armentrout’s writing fabulous. As you can probably tell, her books are so fun to read and I have such fun reading and talking about them. Just the way she writes draws you and allows you to really enjoy the plot of what you are reading. The plot was also fabulous. I really enjoyed how Layla continued to grow and evolve throughout the book, like she did in the first one. 

I would give this 4.5 stars or 97%.

Thanks for reading! If you read this book, lemme know what your thoughts were in the comments below. As well, lemme know what team you are on! Team Roth? or Team Zayne? As per usual leave any questions or comments you way have in the comments section and I promise to read and reply to them! Thanks again!

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of life. 


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