Summer Morning Routine 2015

Hey everyone! Hope your week has been good so far! So since it is now summer, (whoop whoop), i thought it would be cool to do a quick post about my summer routine! I don’t do anything too extravagant but I thought it would be fun to share with you guys anyways! Lets do it!


First, I usually sleep in quite a bit to somewhere between 9-10 AM, and when I wake up, I usually stay in bed with my ipad for awhile and I just chill and read and play games, listen to music etc. I’ll do this for like 30 mins to an hour before I finally get up, make my bed and head downstairs!

From there I will make breakfeast! And usually for breakfeast depending on what I feel like i’ll have toast with nutella, oatmeal or cereal just cause they are quick and simple. But sometimes I will make myself some bacon (yummmm), hashbrowns and maybe some french toast. Recently I learned how to make French Toast in a mug and that stuff is delicious so I would definitely try it.

Then after I eat and put my dishes away ; cleaning up, I’ll start getting ready! So first I will take a couple of multivitamins, then i’ll brush my teeth really well and just rinse my face with warm water. After I do all of that I will pick out something to wear and because it’s summer and I’m usually not that busy I’ll just throw something casual/comfy on and find something to do with my mess of hair. I’ll put some moisturizer and lip balm on and I am ready for the day!!

My days usually consist of doing some little chores, taking a walk, reading and relaxing alot. It seems weird just doing little to nothing everyday after working so hard for so long at school! I feel like it is just a long weekend and monday I’ll be back in school.

And that is my summer morning routine! Thanks for reading! Lemme know what some of the things are that you do in the summer mornings in the comments below! Should I do a nightime routine? Got any other comments or questions? Put it all in the comments below! Thanks again!

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of life!


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