The Aftermath of The Covenant Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout

So, As you have probably noticed I have been reading alot of Jennifer L Armentrout lately. (Click here to see another book I read by her.) This is only because her characters are so funny and so fun to read about and her writing style is also just really fun, and easy to read and get into. In summary: I love her. And this series was no exception. The Covenant series consists of 5 books and 2 novella’s: Half blood, Pure, Diety, Apollyon, and Sentinel. Then, the novellas Daimon,  which is before the first book and I did not read, and Elixir, which comes after Deity and I did read. All of them were fabulous. 

The general idea is about a 17 year old girl named Alex, whose mom dies in a daimon attack while they are on the run away from the covenant. Alex is a half blood, a combo of a pure and human. Pures and halfbloods are both descendants of Greek Gods with cool abilities. Pures can control the elements and kind of rule over the entire society where half bloods have increased strength and speed and don’t have a lot of rights. The covenant is the school were these pureand half blood kids go to learn and train to kill daimons which are pures turned evil. Alex is forced to go back to the covenant after her mom dies where she meets Aiden and a whole lot of crazy crap ensues from there. 

This is going to be a general review for the entire series just because I read them so quickly that there was no point in making 5 different review over weeks and weeks. It was alot like Vampire Academy at first, (click for info on that awesome book), bt t slowly distinguished itself into something awesome that I loved reading. I highly reccommend you go read it then check out the spoilery section of this review.







This review is going to be a general review about the entire series as a whole just as a disclaimer because there is soooo many books and and I cannot possibly go into detail about every single one in one post.

So first off, Aiden and Alex= BAE! I loved them so much and they reminded so much of Dimitri and Rose in the first book but as they progressed they became their own and they were beautiful. When Aiden was ignoring her like the second book in the Catskills and she was getting closer to the apollyon Seth I was ewwwwww don’t do that. I hate how it took Seth leaving and her being stabbed and killed and brought back to life by Apollo for him to be like: I wanna be with you amd screw everything else. But at least they ended up together.

Secondly, about the secondary charcters….. Lucian=snake. When Alex killed him I was like “YOU GO GIRL”. And was it just me or was it really weird that Deacon was Aiden’s brother? Like they hardly ever interacted besides Aiden talking about him every once in awhile. I understand that it created a connection between him and Alex and the struggles they shared but yeah i don’t know about that. And Seth… Like it seemed kinda stupid that Seth was bad and then he was just good again by Sentinel. Like what was even the point of that? He was bad and then he wasn’t the end. It had nothing to do with the big issue in the end.

Thirdly, the end =sweetness and tears. I cried. Apollo ends up having to kill her because of the other gods and then you hear about how you didn’t everybody else’s taking her death it was so sad. And she took it pretty roughly as well. And then they end becoming demi gods and get to be together in the Underworld for 6 months together then 6 months in topside and Apollo had this all planned like YES. It was awesome. Loved it. I wish her father was in it more though and what the heck happened with him in The end.

Plot and writing wise, besides the things I have already mentioned were wonky, was preety well done. Very descriptive, draws you, but most of all really eqsy amd fun to read like all her books. My favourites were probably Apollyon and Sentinel. And i definitely reccomend reading the novella Elixir because it gives alot of background information that is hopfully and just cute to read from Aiden’s perspective.

4.5 stars or 90%.

Thanks for reading! Lemme know what you thought about this series in the comments below and whethe you agree with any of my opinions. Were you team Seth or team Aiden? Feel free to leave any other comments or questions you have in the comments below! Thanks again, and if you are still reading after all this, I appauld you, and put that down in the comments if you did.

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of life.




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