Life Update!!!!

So Hi everybody! Just in case you were wondering I am not dead, I didn’t give up on this blog (or you), I haven’t been hospitalized for a month, or any other crazy consipracy theories you must have considering I have not posted in like FOREVER. I profusely apologize, but I swear I am back now, and I thought it would be a good idea to do a kinda Life Update post to let you know what the heck has been happening and where I have been! So here goes nothing…        

(I actually was going to do this post yesterday but the wordpress app is stupid, so NOW here goes nothing!)

So although some of your summer’s may have started at the end of June/the beginning of July, my summer actually just started YESTERDAY. I know, crazy right? The past month I have been doing online reach ahead summer school. This is a program they offer at my school where students who want to get ahead on a certain course they want to take/have to take in their upcoming year, can do take said course the summer before the school year starts and “reach ahead”. I decided to do this because to get ahead on Grade 11 University English, and lemme tell you it was not an easy month. It was HARD. I would not recommend it to anyone else you were up to a serious challenge  and can update quickly to new higher expectations and work loads. It really was intense, and really stressful but I am now done! I took my final exam yesterday and I got a 88% (WHOOP WHOOP) and a 85% final in the class!! WHich I am super happy about and so glad I got out of the way. This is the main reason why I wasn’t able to post regularly because I would spend at least 7-8 hours on assignments and summatives each day, sometimes more.

At the beginning of summer school, it was really discouraging because I was not doing to great in the course and struggling alot. But, with time, I learned that God had a plan this whole time. Because of this experience was able to gain alot of hope and faith in God and his will, presence and plan for my life. I believe God gave me this experience so that I could learn these things. He really allowed my to learn and grow through this experience, not just academically, but spritually. Through my discouragement, he allowed me to have faith, and with faith I started doing better. Moral of othe story: trust in God guys. Put your faith in him and he will bless all you do. That’s all.

Also, Spotify was a LARGE FACTOR in allowing me to make it through the past couple of days. Guys honestly, if you ain’t using Spotify right now, what are you doing? Go get it. Now. Trust me. It’s free. 100% free. And so worth it. Their playlists are the

SO what’s next? Well, I am going to do me doing alot of relaxing and finally enjoying my summer! I really want to do something different with my room and give it a serious clean up, but I am not sure what I wanna do, so if you have an ideas for cool, easy, cheap things I could do to improve my shoebox. (aka my room), please leave it down in the comments!!! And of course, there will be alot more action on a little bit of life!! Starting tommorrow, I plan on continuing with daily posts and quotes!! (YAYAYA) 

So that’s all!! Thanks for reading and if you have any suggestions/ideas for posts you wanna see from me do not hestiate to leave them in the comments because I would love to hear them as well as any other questions or comments you may have!! HAPPY SUMMER! Thanks again for reading!!

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of life. 


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