This Is Me

Hey Everyone! I hope your week has been fantastic and you are enjoying the beginning of this lovely long weekend. So today, I really wanted to share something important with you that has happened in my life in the past couple of days. This event has really changed me and allowed God to really being to work in, and change me personally. Because of this, I wanted to finally tell you WHO the face and name is behind this beautiful blog called a little bit of life, because I’ve never really told y’all who I am before and this is a big moment for me so here goes nothing!

Hi Everybody! My name is Jordan Kilgour! I am a 15 year old (soon to be sixteen year old) girl who lives in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada born and raised! I love books, food, blogging and all of you lovely followers! I originally started this blog because I felt like it was something God was leading me to do and something I personally really wanted to do and share with you guys! I knew right off the bat I wanted to be able to talk about anything and everything in this life which I was why I settled on the title A Little Bit of Life! Cause there is a little bit of life in every word and post. But I also knew I wanted to keep it completely anonymous and I never told any of my friends or family about it. Until now.

This past Wednesday, I went to my youth group, Itencity. Later that night, I came home and was thinking about my life and things and it felt like for the first time, everything clicked and I realized that one of my bigger problems, was that I cared waaaaaayyy to much about what other people thought of me. And because of this I was super shy and it held me back from doing many things in my life. But after this past Wednesday, I managed to get past all of that and just give up that fear of what other people thought of me. To accept myself for who I am and not hide it out of fear of what other’s would think. I knew that change wasn’t going to miracously happen overnight but everyday since then i’ve been taking baby steps, and this is one of them. Cause on this blog I’m me. But I never told other people cause I would be worried about what those who know me would think. 

So this is why I’m doing and telling you all of this. Also to tell you all and anyone out there is is shy and afraid to show people who they are cause they are afraid of what others think. Don’t be. Screw what others may or may not think. You are the way you are for a reason, own it, and accept yourself for you are. You are amazing, just the way you are (as Bruno Mars says). Stop hiding. Don’t mind other people’s thoughts about you. Be yourself.

This is me. šŸ˜Š

Thanks for reading! I hope this resonates with someone out there and inspires someone to do the same thing and just be themsleves and enjoy all the little bits of life. Leave any questions or comments you have below in the comments and thanks again!

Hope you enjoy this little bit of life.


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