2015 BookTube-a-thon Update Chapter 2: Disappointment and High Dislike

Hey lovelies! Day 2 of booktube-a-thon has come and gone so quickly and it has been nuts but I have succcessfully finished another book! As I am doing the challenges in order Today I did the second challnge was was read a book whose author’s last name has the same first letter as your last name and that was Lying Out Loud by Kody Keplinger


Simply put: I didn’t like this book. I was really disappointed because I expected it to be better but it was actually really bad. I did not like the main character, Sonny, who was super annoying, although I sympatized with her in the end. Between Daughter of Deep Silence which I read yesterday and was super great and this, I would choose Daughter Of Deep Silence. Later tonight I will be starting my next book which is fangirl by rainbow rowell. Hopefully it will be good amd easier to get throught than today’s book.

Thanks for reading!! I hope your booktube-a-thon reading has been going well and lemme know what you accomplished today in the comments below and whether you have been liking what you read thus far! 5 days left, people! LETS DO IT! Thanks again! 

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of life.


One thought on “2015 BookTube-a-thon Update Chapter 2: Disappointment and High Dislike

  1. Tris'Nook says:

    Fangirl is really good and I think that you will like it a lot. I managed to get another book read today and that makes two books read and 3 challenges completed for me (Reading a book with blue, read a book without putting it down and read the last book you acquired.) I am having so much fun with this booktube-a-thon and I am so glad that you are as well. Keep up the great reading! 🙂


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