2015 BookTube-A-Thon Update Chapter 4: Goodness

Hey Everyone! It is day 4 of booktube-a-thon ALREADY, (how the time flies) and it is has been gooooooood. I hope wherever you are and however far you are on your TBR yours it is going just as well and you are having fun doing it! I finished another book for today’s challenge which was to read the last book you acquired, which is the fourth challenge, and for this I read P.S I still Love You by Jenny Han. This book was really quick and easy to read! I was worried Fangirl, which I read yesterday and you can find out more about by clicking here to see that update, might set me back because it was longer but gladly it did not!

This book was not bad.. I think I may have liked the first one better. There were alot of lol and super cute moments thst I really enjoyed reading about from her perspective. Although I found Lara Jean and Peter a smidge annoying about things at times. However, the ending was really good and I am happy that they (the characters) are happy.

So far I would have to say out of all the books I’ve read Daughter Of Deep Silence by Carrie Ryan is still my favourite because it just slays all these others books completely. If you wanna check out the update where I talked about that book just click here. I will be getting a head start on tomorow’s book tonight which is Along For the Ride by Sarah dessen. I am super excited to read this because it is my FIRST Sarah Dessen book. I won’t be doing the video challenge cause I’m lazy and don’t feel like it but if you would like the chance to win a copy of the lovely and super good Cinder by Marissa Meyer, I would click here: http://youtu.be/Fd0LE7ZtRus to check out the video that gives out all the deets.

Thanks for reading! I hope your weeks are going great and just keep going guys! Keep reading!! It’s almost over! Lemme know what you read and/or accomplished today or so far this week in the comments below because I love seeing what you guys have been reading for the read-a-thon. Also lemme know if you have read any Sarah Dessen books before and whether you liked them or not in the comments as I am reading my first Sarah Dessen book tomorrow! 3 MORE DAYS! Happy BookTube-A-Thoning!!! Thanks again!

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of life.


2 thoughts on “2015 BookTube-A-Thon Update Chapter 4: Goodness

  1. Olivia Emily says:

    I so regret not taking part in this challenge! I love Jenny Han, but I’m yet to start this duologue – would you recommend?


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