Hauling My Back 2 School Clothing!!!!

Hey guys! I hope you all had great weekends and your week has been swell thus far. So this past weekend I was in Kingston and we spent alot of time shopping and just exploring. In the midst of all our shoppping adventures at various malls, outlets etc. I got some super cute clothes and things that I thought I would share with you guys in this post. It’s not alot, but it was some essential stuff that I am super happy I got! Let’s get into it!



Because I live in Canada, quality Jeans are a really essential item to have in your closet for winter especially. While I was in Kingston, I picked up these two pairs of Jeans from Smart Set for $15 each with all the sales they had going on. Originally they were $50 which is a standard price for GOOD jeans but getting them for 15$ was such a score and I am super happy about them. I got them in two washes: dark blue and light blue with a few tears to give me some variety. 

Fitness Shorts


As I am taking Fitness this year, I obviously neede a good pair of workout shorts to wear for the class. These ones were on sale at an Adidas Outlet store in Kingston (30%off) and they are super nice and work perfectly for how I want to use them. (they even match my black adidas sandals too)



It’s always nice to get some new tops to kinda spice up your closet/outfit options for back to school and I got this one top here from H&M for 50% off (only 10 bucks) and it find it super cute. I love the emboidery on the top of the sleeves and by the neckline. It is also something I can easily wear throughout the entire year so I am excited to wear it. (Maybe with one of my new jeans?)

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That’s all for today! Thanks for reading and lemme know what your favourite item was from all the things I bought and what some of your essential clothing items for back to school are in the comments below!!! Do not hesitate; I would love to hear from you guys! Thanks again!

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of life. 


12 thoughts on “Hauling My Back 2 School Clothing!!!!

  1. tlizzy says:

    I havent worn jeans for a while. i used to always live in my jeans, but now Im 30 I figured I need to smarten up. Its interesting to read as i would love to live in canada eventually, we take all our shops for granted here and there all so cheap x


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