Exploring Kingston, ON!

So this past weekend if you didn’t already know, I went to Kingston, ON with some family members. It was a lot of fun, and even though I’d been there before we managed to do and see alot of cool things that I wanted to share with you guys, alongside some pictures that I took along the way. I would highly recommend a little trip there to anyone in the vicinity as it’s a really nice and refreshing place to visit for awhile. Let’s get started!!

We started out early Friday morning for the 2hr ride to Kingston. When we first arrived the first thing we did was drop all of our stuff off at the hotel and we went out exploring all the main, local streets and finding certain place we would want to check out the next day when we out shopping.

 Here are some photos I took that first day:

The infamous Princess street which is one of the major downtown streets lined with shops, bakeries and much more!

 Card’s Bakery was a cute little bakery on Princess Street. As soon as you walk in you can smell and look at all the divine things they make there (and there’s alot) and all the cute little kitchen knick knacks they sell.   
Since we were in Downtown, Kingston we were able to City Hall which was actually across the street from our hotel! Isn’t it nice?   
That night, we decided to go out for dinner at Lone Stars. I’d never been to Lone Stars before but one of the things they are most famous for are their fajitas. Which is funny because fajitas are Mexican and they are a texan themed restaurant but what do I know? Anyways the fajitas were delicious and fresh and I’m so glad I got to try them!

On to the second day, our first day in kingston mainly spent shopping: 

As we were walking up princess street, we decided to stop back in Card’s Bakery to pick up some treats. Alongside some cinnamon buns and cheese tea biscuits (which were so good), we tried this coconut raspberry tart which was just the best thing.


We later on stopped for lunch at Starbucks (WHOOP WHOOP) after driving to a nearby shopping mall (Cataraqui Mall) to do some shopping where I got most of the great deals I mentioned in my Back 2 School Clothing Haul. (BTW Mango black tea lemonade’s are VERY good)

We went back later to explore the market which is right behind city hall and has some pretty nice looking jewlery, fruits & Veggies!

Some pictures from Confederation Park which was right beside our hotel and across from city hall!

This is one of those cinnamon buns as was talking before from Card’s. So good!! So fresh!! So beautiful!

That night, we decided to get all dolled up and go to Milestones for dinner! (It was my first time there also) And boy oh boy was it ever good! I started off with a beverage and I ordered a Miami Ice which at Milestones is iced tea with mango puree and mint leaves. It tasted so sweet and refreshing!!

For my actually burger I had their 4 cheese burger. It was a regular hamburger, (they say it’s a regualr beef patty but let’s be honest: it’s milestones. It’s not JUST a regular burger) with feta, goat, chedder and mozzarella cheese, roasted garlic, and freshly cracked black pepper on top. Ther are no words to describe how good this burger was. NO WORDS. Because it was literally the best burger I have ever had and if you ever go there, you MUST try it.

After that little piece of heaven, we headed out for a walk around the town and alonside the water. We then passed a gelato place called Mio Gelato on the way back on got some of that goodness in a small cup to share for dessert. We got 3 flavors: Raspberry, Blueberry and Mango. So good!

Day Three, being our last day, we didn’t do much except go to a outlet mall that had some sales but not too much that piqued our interest before heading home. I did see this one shirt there though that I found funny at La Vie en Rose. It reminded me of Beyoncé.

At the end of the day I highly enjoyed this trip and all it’s lovely food and shopping treasures. Road trips are really fun, and look forward to doing it again in the future!

Thanks for reading! Lemme know what your favourite little city is to go to on a road trip or vacation with friends & family in the comments below! Thanks again!

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of life.


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