Going Back 2 School Supplies Haul & Tips

Hey Everbody! I hope your weekends have been fabulous, sunny and warm wherever you are! So I don’t know about you, but I am going back to school in exactly 2 weeks from now. Which means all the preparation, shopping for school supplies and clothes has begun. I recently went Back 2 School Shopping and did a post about that last week which you can see by clicking here. But the other day I went school supply shopping at Staples for some stuff and thought I would share what I bought with you with a few little tips and tricks here and there to help those of you entering high school, or continuing in high school this year. Let’s get started!

#1: Paper


So the first thing I got was 2 packs of 400 sheets of refill paper, to use in my binders to tak notes, write things down, do work etc. (800 sheets total) Which leads to my first tip….

Tip 1:  You can never have enough paper.

I cannot stress this enough. You should always buy as MUCH paper as you can for back to school because you will fly through it and use it so quickly and then you will find yourself at the end of your binder needing paper to write something but you won’t have any left and then you’ll be using scrap paper to scribble things down. Trust me this has happening to me so many times. Just buy LOTS of paper, it’s worth it.

#2: Black Pens


The next thing I got was a pack of black Bic easy glide pens, 12 in total, because pens are just an essential, nice thing to always have in your pencil case. Which brings us to tip 2…

Tip 2: Always have a Pen

You should always have a pen with you because you never know when a teacher might tell you you have to use it for something or for corrections. Where blue and red pens are almost always widely used and acceptable to most teachers (I always keep 1 red [for corrections], blue [for informal things, won’t be handed in] and black, [for formal things, will be handed in] in my pencil case) Black is probably the most admired and best of them all so you should always have it in case!

#3: Pencil Case


Here I got a small square, 2 pouch, black mesh, blue five star pencil case from staples for this year. I really love this pencil case. I think it is perfect for everything I need especially when it comes to it’s shape ans size, which leads us to our next tip…

Tip 3: The Size of Your Pencil Case Matters, So Go Small.

I am telling you right now, you do not need, and do not want, a large, bulky pencil case. Think for a second, you are going to have to carry this pencil case from class to class, up and down stairs, along with all your binders, textbooks and other stuff that adds up and gets heavy. So do you really need a large pencil case with a bunch of stuff in it? The answer is no. By having a small pencil case such as this one, you can fit all your essential stuff in it that you will need for each class and more easily carry it with all of your stuff.

#4: Mechanical Pencils


Here we have 2 5 packs of Bic #2 mechanical pencils. I love how these are colourful and ready for me to use this year! Also Bic’s a good brand so you know they are quality pencils. This brings us to our next tip…

Tip 4: Get Mechanical over Regular Pencils

Always get mechanical over regular. Are they sometimes more expensive yes. But you absolutely find them on sale and they are so worthwhile buying! The lead is already full in them so instead of sharpening you just push the bottom and bam! more lead. And when it empties you either recycle it and grab another one or buy more lead to fill it again! It just makes your life, sooooooooooooooo much easier than regular pencils.

#5: Erasers


Here I have some square staple erasers that were on sale. I also have these long skinny STAEDTLER erasers for this thing I have where you put those long erasers in it and using this little button you can push it up or down to bring the eraser up or down! It’s quite neat actually. I dont really have a tip for this… Erasers are important back to school items though. The eraser at the end of your pencil will get used up quickly so you should always have a few good back up erasers.

#6: Binders


Here I have 2 Staple Binders both 1.5 inches one in blue and one in black. The blue has a view window as you can see in the picture and the black does not. I use 1.5 inch binders just because I find they are just the right size for all my subjects but it’s really personal prefernce what size you get. I actually really like these binders because comoared to ones I’ve had in the past, they’re really nice, good quality.

Tip 5: Always get binders with Pockets on the inside.

You never know when a teacher might give you something without holes in it, like a test or something so it can be frustrating because if you don’t have pockets you have nowhere to put it. With pockets you can jeep everything for each subject together in one binder and keep your stuff organized. You will them if you don’t, so always get pockets.

#7 School Bag (BackPack)


Finally, I got myself a Reebok Backpack. It was actually 20% off at Bentley’s in the mall at Kingston and I really love it. I apologize for the crappy picture but basically it’s white with blue, purple and pink patterning all over it.  It has one big compartment, then a medium sized one, than a small one. I find it is the perfect size for what I need because you don’t want to get something to small of too big to fit all your stuff and this was just right. Plus it’s Reebok so you kniw it’s of good quality.

That’s all folks! Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this haul with my few tips here and there! Lemme know when you go back to school in the comments below as well as some of your favourite tips for school. I would love to hear em’! Thanks again!

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of life. 


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