Lights Shine Bright

Hey Guys! I hope your weeks have all been fantastic so far and sunny. Today, I wanted to do a little quick post as I haven’t posted anything this week yet. (I apologize, I have been a combination fo busy and sick.) A Little Bit of Life is actually almost at 100 followers, which is so amazing and I am so grateful so thanks a bunch for being one of the almost 100!! Anyways, This is just a little something God has placed on my heart that I really wanted to share and that I hope you guys would be able to relate to and understand no matter where you currently are in life. So here we go!

You know how, when you first go to bed at night and it’s dark outside and you shut off your lights and everything seems pitch black?? You can’t see anything, and if you’re like me it’s a little scary so you jump into bed. After awhile, your eyes start to adjust to the darkness and you can see that actually, it isn’t pitch black at all cause there is light from the moon shining outside coming into your room, that makes things partially visible, even though it’s still dim. 

This fact, although pretty simple, is something that I have really noticed and pondered on that last little while. And it got me thinking how, even though when it seems really dark, we can always count on the moon to be there shining it’s light to make things not seem so dark and scary anymore.

This can translate really easily to our lives because there are times in our life where things can get really dark and scary. We can’t see anything but that dark situation around us. But even though we can’t exactly see it at first, doesn’t mean there isn’t light there piercing through our darkness, to give us some light to see; some hope so that we can see that the darkness doesn’t last forever. Even though it may seem like everything at first, it’s not because there is always some light, some hope just waiting for your eyes to adjust, your perspective to change, so that you can see it. 

There is always light. Ane the light will always be greater than the darkness, piercing through, giving us hope, if we allow oursleves to change our perspective, adjust our eyes, so we can see it. 

And if we bring Jesus into this, we can say that the light of the moon, our hope, is God. And the darkness being our bad situations. But let me tell you guys, Jesus’ light is always greater then your dark situations. Jesus’ light, and the hope he represents, will always shine through your darkness illuminating everything around you with hope, even though it may be hard to see at first. You just got to open your eyes, and change your perspective on your darkness, so you can find it. Because no matter what, it’s ALWAYS there.

Thanks for reading folks! I hope this applied to someone out there and the situations that you are going through. The light is there. There is always hope. If there is anything specific you got from this lemme know in the comments below cause I love hearing feedback from you guys! Thanks again!

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of life.


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