Back To School Morning Routine

Hey Everybody!!! I hope your weeks have been going great whether you are back to school yet or not! Personally, I go back to school this upcoming Tuesday after Labour Day and (sigh) I am as ready as I’ll ever be to go back into that madness. So I thought with school coming up I would share with y’all what I do on school mornings to get ready and get myself out the door on time! I hope y’all enjoy this! So let’s do this!


First, I get up at like 7:00 Am, which is usually a struggle. Especially since I’ve been getting up at like 9-10AM all summer. After which, I will make my bed, do some form of devos/prayer, wash my face, put on a few moisturizers and some lip balm!! Then until like 7:30 I will usually read a book, then procrastinate past 7:30 reading because my book is so good. Speaking of books and reading, if you like that stuff, you should check out my new book blog, My Book Life, for reviews and other book related posts!!


After my procastination, I will finally put the book away and rush to get dressed. This usually involves me standing in front of my closet, frustrated, because I have no idea what to wear. But eventually, I’ll throw some things together and find something to wear. With that done, I will lightly accessorize and find something to do with my joyous head of hair.


Once I look presentable, i’ll grab my bag and bring it downstairs. Downstairs, i’ll pack up my bag with my lunch bag and water bottle. Then, I’ll eat some breakfeast which usually consists of something quick and simple to make so I can get out the door on time after my reading procastination. Finally, I’ll down some vitamins and quickly head back upstairs.


Upstairs, I will hurriedly brush my teeth and ass the finally touches to  my outfit. I’ll quickly check to make sure I have everything I need before running back downstairs, putting on my shoes, and walking out the door to school. Yes, I walk to school. Thankfully, it’s only a quick 10 minute walk, maybe 15 in the winter and I’m there!

That’s my Back to school morning routine! Lemme know in the comments below when your’e going back to school and what some of your routine is because I love hearing from you guys! Thanks for reading!

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of life.


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