Small Acts of Kindness

Hey y’all!!  I hope your weeks have been going great wherever you are, only 2 more days till the weekend!!! Today, I had some things happen and occur to me, that I thought, why not share it with you guys? This all just goes to show how good things can come out of bad, and how even the smallest acts of kindness can make a difference. So be kind everyday!! Let’s get started!

So, to tell you guys this quick little story, I have to give you some background information. Just last week, I started my first ever job: delivering newspaper. I was super excited, and even though it doesn’t pay alot, it’s something to get me started and get me some work experience for my resume! Today hapoens to be the day I deliver all the papers to the houses on my route, which is 69 total. That may seem like a lot, but it goes by pretty quickly! 3 things happened to me while I was delivering today.

First, when I was going to deliver a paper into someone’s mailbox, the mailbox decides to fall off the wall it was hanging on. So, I began to freak out. I tried putting it back on, and managed to get one screw that was in the wall to hang on the back of the mailbox but it was litterally IMPOSSIBLE to get the other one in. I couldn’t knock on the door to talk to someone cause no one was home, and here is someone’s mailbox just hanging there by one screw. So i try to take it back off so it’s not just hanging there but I can’t take it back off, so my only option was to just leave it there. That was the first thing.

Second, I was pulling my little cart with newspapers in it behind me down the sidewalk when I go over this crack in the sidewalk, and the entire cart just completely breaks and busts open. And there i am yet again, thinking, what the heck am I going to do? I still had a bunch of deliveries to do so I just had to work with and keep going, instead pushing it in front of me down the street, and lying it on the ground in front of houses when I would go deliver cause’ it wouldn’t stand anymore.

You are probably wondering when the good part comes in, after I broke someone’s mailbox and my newspaper cart. Well, here it is. Number three. Last week, as I delivered for the first time, a owner of the one of his houses was standing outside working on his drive way, and when I handed him his newspaper we had a small conversation about the driveway, the weather and what not. This wekk, he was out again, so we had another short conversation. But, this time as I was delivering to the house across from his, he calls out to me and comes over with money in his hand, tells me he is going away for a while and not to deliver papers so they don’t stack up, THEN he gives me the money and tells me it is a tip because I am a nice, hardworking girl and I deserve it.

So there I am, standing in shock not knowing what to say. I could not belive he did that! I asked him if he was sure, he said yes, left after I said thanks, and that was it. I don’t know if he did that because he was asking me not to deliver papers to his house for a month or just because he was being kind, but either way, it meant alot to me and his act of kindness just made my day. We must remember to be kind to one another, even if only in small ways and moments because they make all the difference to the people, and world we are building around us. Why not make it a kind one?

Thanks for reading! If you have ever had something like this happen to you, where someone showed you some kindness when you needed it or brightened your day with their actions lemme know whar happened in the comments below because I would love to hear your stories!! Thanks again!!

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of life.


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