Ways to Relax Over Christmas Holidays

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Everybody!!! I hope y’all are having a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends and that you have been enjoying all the posts I have done this past week. If you are like Christmas comes with a holiday from school and lots of free time that you don’t always know what to do with. So on this Day 5 of Christmas with A Little Bit of Life, I will be giving you guys some ideas as to what you can do this Christmas day and over the break in order to fully relax and keep busy!!! Without further ado, let’s get into it!!

#1: Have a Spa Day
It’s always nice to have a pamper day or spa day every once in awhile as a way to refresh ourselves and just relax, and Christmas & New Years’ Holidays is the perfect time to do this! This could mean having a nice bubble bath, doing your nails and toe nails, putting on a face mask, lighting some candles, whatever constitutes a spa day for you! But you should definitely make some time to do this, this break, cause you deserve it!!!

#2: Baking
Christmas and New Years’ is filled with TONS of food and treats that you give and receive from others, and eat at parties and other get togethers. So why not spend some time baking this Holiday. Yesterday, I did a quick post on how to make these super yummy mini apple pies, (click here to see that post) or there is tons of delicious recipes (to make stuff for lots of people or even just you 😉) that you can find online and on youtube. There is something out there for everyone and baking is a great way to relax over the holidays’.

#3: Catching Up on Tv Shows
For the past two christmas holidays off from school, I have spend the majority of my time binge watching some Tv Show. 2013 it was catching up on Grey’s Anatomy. 2014 it was watching the first 4 seasons of Lost. (Which is a great show btw) So if you are on break this winter, this is the absolute perfect time to catch up on shows you are behind on, binge watch shows that have finished, or check out shows that others’ have recommended to you that you haven’t had the time to watch yet. Trust me, it’s litterally the perfect time killer.

#4: Watch Christmas & New Year’s Movies
Christmas and New Year’s movies are one of those things that you can only watch once a year and without it, this holiday isn’t the same. It’s tradition!! So why not take advantage of that free time you have been blessedly given and watch all your favourite Christmas & New Year’s movies. If you need some ideas as to what to watch, I did a post on Monday that you can go read here, for some ideas.

#5: Spend Time With Family and Friends
No one should ever be alone on Christmas and you haven’t already, you should spend some time with your good friends and family this holiday. Call em’ up, text them, send them a smoke signal, contact them in anyway possible and get together and just have fun. You will never be bored with friends and family around.

And those are all my tips for you guys, on ways to relax and use up all of your wonderful free time this holiday!!! Thanks for reading and lemme know in the comments below some of the things you are using to keep busy over your Christmas’ breaks, or if you use any of these ideas!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

Hope you enjoyed this Little Bit of Life. 

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