Go to Cozy Clothing For Winter

Hey Everybody!! Today is now Day 6 of Christmas with A Little Bit of Life, and it is hard to believe how fast this past week has gone!! I hope you all had a very nice christmas! I can’t believe that is over now as well. Where has all the time gone? Anyways, today I wanted to share with you guys some of my 4 favourite Winter clothing items that I have been enjoying so far this season. They are all very cozy and warm which is how I like my winter clothes! Let’s get started!

Chinese Laundry Black Leggings w/ Leopard Print


These lovely things are actually more of a mix of leggings and stockings and they are so nice and warm. On days when I’m just hanging out at home these are one of those go to items that I wear to get comfy. One of the reasons why they are so comfy is because They fit perfectly – they are not too tight, and cause I find the subtle leopard print cute.🐯

Garage Plaid Button Up Flannel

This flannel is the bomb.com. It is a very nice mix of blues and reds and is perfect for those really cold days cause it keeps you nice and toasty because it is made out of a quite thick, flannel material. What I like about it also is it works with jeans, leggings, fully buttoned, half buttoned, left open – and it will still be the coziest thing you will wear.

Forever 21 Cable Knit Knee High Socks

This socks, although not really good for wearing alone outside, are absolutely perfect for getting comfy inside with some pajama shorts. They keep your legs nice and warm , kinda like mittens. This is saying alot since I’m usually not a huge fan of socks…. But with these I have to make an exception because they’re awesome.

H&M Sparkly Long Sleeve

This long sleeve is very festive for the holidays, which makes it perfect for family get togethers and parties in the new year!! What makes it even better is that the inside is made of this fuzzy, sweatshirt – like material, that makes it warm and cozy while making you look sophisticated and party ready with all the sparkles.

That’s all folks!! I hope you enjoyed this post and have been enjoying all the ones I have done so far the past week. Let me know in the comments what some of your favourite winter clothing items are this season, or which ones are your favourite from the ones I listed above!! Thanks for reading and I will talk to you guys’ again tomorrow!!

Hope you enjoyed this Little Bit of Life.


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