What I Got For Christmas Haul!!

Hey Everybody! Welcome to Day 7 of Christmas (and New Years’ now, I guess) with A Little Bit of Life! I hope y’all all had fabulous christmas’ with your family and friends and had lots of fun! My Christmas was pretty good as well and as I got some pretty cool things for Christmas, I thought it would be fun to just quickly share with you guys’, in a haul, what I got for Christmas! This isn’t meant to be braggy or boastful, I just wanted to quickly share with you all the things I received (like in any other haul) because I know I like seeing what others’ got for Christmas and I thought y’all might be interested in seeing what I got as well. So! Without further ado.. Let’s get started!!


 Starting from left to right..
2 pairs of George Pajama Bottoms (1 pink plaid as shown in picture, and 1 gray with white hearts) – they are really soft and cozy!! Plus they have cuffs at the bottom which is my favourite kind of pj’s.

Pink Eco Bottle Water Bottle

Grey and Green Faux Leather Passport Holder

McSteven’s Belgian White Chocolate Drink Mix – I love white hot chocolate and cannot wait it try this because it looks really good!

Bed Head Groupie 13″ Ceramic Straightener – my mom got this for me at Rexall (which is a canadian drug store) for like $5! I love how small it is and it’s perfect for touch ups or curling your hair with a flat iron (which I do) so I can’t wait to try this!

Hudson Bay Canada Red Mittens – every year they come out with a new pair and I love them! They keep your hands nice and warm in the winter! #GoCanadaGo

O’keefe’s Working Hands Hand Cream – this stuff is the best! It’s perfect for if you have really dry hands because it works really well! I highly reccommend it!


From left to right..

Traditional Purse from Turkey – my aunt brought this back from her trip to turkey for me and I absolutely love it! I will be taking good care of this one.
Lindt White Chocolate – lindor chocolates are the best and because white chocolate is my favourite, you know these will be really good

Nicole by O.P.I 2 Pack Double Color (Fabulous is my middle name – left one & Fisher Queen – right one)

$40 Spending Money – thank you Grandpa!

Pandora Dark Purple Leather Charm Bracelet – this was actually a belated 16th birthday gift since I was sick the day after my birthday. I like it alot!

Rice Krispies Treats Blasted with S’mores 

Purple and Grey sparkly Knitted Scarf

Aroma Click & Heat Cozy Ears Adjustable earmuffs with 2 click and heat gel packs – they’re basically hand warms for your ears that you put in really cute earmuffs. These are perfect for the cold weather we are about to get in Canada, and they are adorable!

Design your own Real Ugly Socks by Soxland – definitely going to use these next christmas!

Lindt Assorted Chocolates + plastic baggy of lindt milk chocolates – can never have enough of these!

Ellen Tracy lip gloss trio

That’s everything! I hope you enjoyed this post and all the other christmassy ones I have done the past week . Let me know in the comments what some of the things you got for christmas were because I love hearing from you guys! Stay for more posts tomorrow and the rest of this upcoming week!! Thanks for reading!

Hope you enjoyed tis little bit of life.


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