What you Can do while Home on your Own on New Years Eve

Hey Everyone! Welcome to Day 10 of Christmas + New Years’ with A Little Bit Of Life!! The New Year is almost upon us which means soon it will be 2016!! I can’t believe how fast this year has gone or even that the year is going to be 2016. It’s all very crazy but today I decided to come at you guys’ with my first new years’ post now that the New Year is only a day away. If I am being real with you guys’, I have spent many a new year ‘s eve on my own. So I thought it would be cool if I shared with you guys’ some special things you can do on New Years, from home, and possibly, if you are on your own. Let’s do it!!

1 – Write A Letter To Yourself

I have done this every single new years’ eve for awhile now and I really like it. Basically what you do is you write a letter to your future self about your hopes and dreams for this new year (or whatever you would like really) to open on next years’ new years’ eve. Then you put it in it a envelope and seal it away till the next year! I always like doing this because I really like being able to read what my past self wanted me to know/ do about the year to come and being able to reflect and see what’s happened and what’s changed. 

2 – Make Yourself A Nice Meal

Just because you are not going out for new years’ does not mean you can’t have a nice meal! Take the time to find a recipe for something you’ve always wanted to try, or something that you really like eating and make it for your new years’ meal! You can even go as far as to set up the table a bit. Oh, and don’t forget to make yourself a nice desert too!

3 – Dance and Sing!

This is probably the simplest and most basic thing you could do, but it’s most likely the funnest too. Throw on some of your favourite music from 2015 and Dance around your house to it! Sing along to your favourite songs!! Pretend you are Taylor Swift! Play some Air Guitar! Go crazy with this one and just let loose!! 

4 – Have a Nice Bath

This is something I don’t really do alot (I think this is true for a lot of people) but it is nice to pamper yourself every once in awhile. So, pull out those candles, your nice smelling soaps, bath bombs and bubbles and pamper yourself on the eve of a new year. Relax and enjoy a nice hot bath and reflect on the year that’s past.  

5 – Movie or Tv Show marathon

Sometimes it can be hard to stay up until midnight, especially on your own, on new years eve. A perfect way to make sure you are preoccupied and do not fall asleep is by doing a movie or tv show marathon! It’s also a good way to catch up on a tv show you’ve fallen behind on or something you have been meaning to watch this year but hadn’t got to yet!!

That’s all for now! If you have more ideas of things you can do while home alone on New Years Eve I would love to hear them in the comments below!! Thanks for reading and I will talk to you guys’ again tomorrow!

Hope you enjoyed this Little Bit of Life.


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